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Ask Reg - Questions Wednesday, March 11th

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  • Ask Reg - Questions Wednesday, March 11th

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask Reg Wednesday question thread. These questions will be answered on Thursday

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    Have fun!
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    It seems to me that a big part of YYC's success vis-a-vis travellers from Europe is due to its connection with Banff and the Rocky Mountains. YYC can attract non-stop flights from Europe because there is demand for Europeans coming to Calgary/Banff. Edmonton is relatively similar in many respects, it's just not known. I see great opportunities for Edmonton as a gateway to, not only the North, but also the Rockies and the area between the Rockies and Edmonton. We need a serious marketing campaign to "get the word out"
    Is anything in this regard being done? Why is it not working? What is being done to fix what hasn't worked in the past? Maybe everyone involved should be thinking outside of the box (Like what Australia did with their "best job in the world")


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      Hello Mr. Milley

      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to questions from C2E. First, I'd like to congratulate you and EIA for the tremendous growth at Edmonton International, and the improving customer experiences at the airport. Most people have already addressed important transborder and international flights that EIA should continue to court.

      My question is; considering the importance of the Port Alberta and positioning Edmonton as the next "gateway to the far-east" via Prince Rupert, is EIA considering vying for flights to Terrace/Prince Rupert with air-carriers? In my opinion, not only is north-coast B.C, a "hidden gem" with respect to further industrial economic development, but also in tourism. Access to the north-coast is limited to either a long drive or awkward connections via Vancouver.

      Thank you.


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        Hello again, Mr. Milley

        Thank-you for your responses so far!

        A few people have addressed the 750,000 Edmonton-area tickets sold for Calgary departures. There's likely thousands more central Albertans flying Calgary over Edmonton as well. For me and people I know (which would probably represent individuals, groups and families traveling for pleasure), I think the main factor that would influence where people depart from is price. If a flight from Edmonton is cheaper than from Calgary, it would influence people to choose Edmonton. Due to this, I'm wondering if there's any way EIA has a cost advantage over Calgary International Airport, perhaps due to location, that could work in our favour that could be leveraged to lower fares originating at EIA, and thus attract more people to use our airport?



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          Hi, Mr. Milley

          What is your plan on adding more signages on QEII to EIA? If you are driving from Edmonton to the airport, there is no big overhead advanced signs indicating the airport is in the vicinity. The signs on the right hand side of the shoulder is not too noticeable.

          Comparing the big overhead sign if you are driving from Leduc to the airport, this is visible. Any plans on adding a similar sign from the other driving directions?

          Thanks for reading my question.


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            Mr. Milley

            First let me say how pleased I am that as CEO you are speaking to the public directly and using the interet to communicate. FYI (we) and our friends are die hard Fly Edmonton First travellers.

            I have several questions:

            1. US Air has discontinued its non-stops to Las Vegas and that gap has not been filled yet (by a Star Alliance partner). We are frequent flyers (too frequent ) to LAS and have always used US Air - as the flight left at 6:30 am. As that flight has been discontinued: Who will be filling that available gate (it will be sitting empty will it not?) and has AC of some other airline indicated it will be adding service? We appreciate that WJA fly non-stop - but not all flyers want Westjet and AC only current fly Thr and Sun pm.

            2. Is EAA looking at possible service from Easyjet, Ryanair or Air Berlin to cities they serve in Europe. Can they be enticed by providing access to hanger and a subsidy.

            3. Can the London gate be moved down one, and glass moved to expand US departures for the next few years? It can be unbearable at times.

            4. You mentioned Lounge Access. I often purchase lounge access in Europe from Servair etc. Would this not be a revenue source for YEG?

            5. When and what impact do you see Open Sky's having on YEG? Positively or negatively.

            I look forward to response to my questions and your continued dialogue with the public.
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              Airport Consolidation and Re-Zoning Issues

              Firstly, thank you Mr. Milley for giving the opportunity to the citizens of Edmonton to put forward - what may be - some very difficult questions to you.

              I have quite a few questions:

              Q: At what stage in the current process do EAA and Nav Canada get notified of new development permits, zoning amendments, etc. by the City of Edmonton?

              Q: Back in the summer of 2008, there was a public meeting held at which a Senior Planner for the City of Edmonton explained the process for applications regarding zoning amendments, including at what stage EAA and Nav Canada become involved in the process. A question was put to him, wherein he admitted that in this particular application, the EAA and Nav Canada were not included in the process and that this was an oversight on the City's part. Since that time, have you been made aware of any changes to the City’s process to improve the notification process and thus avoid making the same mistake?

              Q: Until mid-2008, the City was using the old Airport Overlay (drafted in the early ‘80s) for their internal process to approve applications for zoning amendments and development permits. In comparison to the present day, and of some concern, there have been many changes made to the airport since the old Airport Overlay document was drafted. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the City has the most up-to-date information relating to the City Centre Airport?

              Q: Has the new Airport Overlay been provided to the City and if so, are they actually using and correctly interpreting the information in that new Airport Overlay to make informed decisions?

              Q: From verbal discussions, it appeared at that time that Transport Canada was not informed either of certain zoning amendment applications or development permits. Will there or has there been a change in the process so that the EAA, the City, Nav Canada and Transport Canada collaborate on such applications in the early stages of applications potentially affecting the City Centre Airport?

              Airport Consolidation Questions:

              This is a really difficult and contraversial topic, however, one which I believe there are many who may have similar concerns:

              Q: Do you know who was commissioned to conduct the recent study completed for the City of Edmonton regarding options for the City Centre Airport? What conclusion was arrived at, what did this study entail to arrive at such a conclusion and is the study available to the public? How much did this study cost and who ultimately foots the bill?

              Q: How many people will be affected by job loss should the City Centre Airport close?

              Q: Has it been calculated what loss in potential revenue (i.e. City property taxes) will result from the Blatchford closure and what future income streams will be forthcoming to compensate for this future loss in revenue?

              Q: What compensation or alternatives, if any, will be given to the businesses located at the City Centre Airport, should the airport be closed. Will they be forced to either close their doors or do business elsewhere?

              Q: In Wednesday's thread, you had stated that if the City Centre Airport closure takes place, that all flight training would be conducted out of Villeneuve Airport. Neither Villeneuve Airport nor any of the nearby airports have precision IFR approved approaches. Once the City Centre Airport closes, this leaves the International Airport with increased consolidated air traffic and it will be the only precision IFR airport in the region. With consolidation, how will this affect IFR flight training at the International Airport? Will future local IFR training slots be reduced at the International Airport? If so, this will force Edmonton student pilots and recurrent pilots to incur significantly higher costs by forcing them to fly to another airport (i.e. Calgary). As a compromise, will there be future installations of precision approaches at the nearby airports to accommodate IFR flight training?

              The long-term effect in limiting IFR flight training at the Edmonton Airport would be that students may take training in other cities with approved IFR precision approaches. From my past experience, the quality of flight training in other cities is nowhere near the calibre of training here in Edmonton. Ultimately, should flight training be limited to VFR only in Villeneuve, this may ultimately affect the lives of pilots and their future passengers if they train elsewhere.

              Q: What will happen to General Aviation in Edmonton? Where will it go? Where will training be conducted for precision IFR approaches?

              Q: With consolidation of both airports, should a patient or an organ be required by or from any of the hospitals, additional time would be incurred for medivacs from the Edmonton International Airport to the hospital, whereas right now, medivacs into the City Centre Airport save precious time. How will Edmonton hospitals and patients be affected by the City Centre Airport’s closure?

              Q: Edmonton was once coined “Gateway to the North”. How will the City’s relations with the northern communities and their business be affected if closure were to take place?

              Q: Being one of the oldest airports in Canada, over time, fuel, oil, glycol and other toxic agents have leached into the ground and possibly the water supply. Has an environmental study been conducted into the current condition of the airport, costs and extent of clean up required on the City Centre Airport lands in order for the lands to be safely designated for other uses? Who will be footing the bill for such a study and subsequent cleanup? Will it be the developers or taxpayers?

              Q: Rumour has it that the City Centre Airport lands may be a future site for a World Expo/Trade Fair. It can safely be said that the majority of past World Expos/Trade Fairs in the past have incurred high and still-existing deficits for the hosting municipalities (i.e. 1967 Montreal Expo, 2000 Hannover Expo, etc.), despite the publicity and infrastructure improvements. What is the process involved in airport closure to make the land available to the City for their discretionary use?

              I realize there are many questions in this thread and you have so many others to view and respond to, but if you would be so kind as to answer any or all of these, not only would I be most appreciative, but I'm certain that the answers you would have would put many others' minds to rest. Thank you again for the opportunity to put forth these questions!
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                Thanks for replying to my previous questions. Your responses were very insightful.

                I have some additional questions:

                Is there some risk with keeping costs at the airport such as the AIF significantly lower than the competition? Could it lead to YEG being seen as a "discount" airport in both the eyes of travelers and airlines? During the 90s I know Edmonton attempted to market itself to corporations by saying we had the lowest office lease rates compared to similar cities, and this ended up primarily being a flop. I am not an expert in aviation, but could fees so much lower than the competition say something negative about the airport? Or do airlines salivate over lower fees?

                Regarding the expansion, is there a design focus on creating a "wow" factor? Or is it focused more on functionality?

                Lastly, could the airport implement an AIF of $60+ on flights that connect in Calgary departing from Edmonton? This would reduce some of the cost advantge that a connection in YYC has at the moment, although I realize it could also lead to more people driving to YYC. What are your thoughts on such a fee?


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                  Wednesday is now closed. Please post in the Thursday (and final day) thread.