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Ask Reg - Questions Tuesday, March 10th

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  • Ask Reg - Questions Tuesday, March 10th

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask Reg TUESDAY question thread. These questions will be answered on Wednesday.

    Posting here assumes that you are willing to abide by the rules of C2E, and the rules of this specific Ask event.

    Please, before posting, make sure you are familiar with these rules. Click on the titles to go to the threads.

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    A couple notes of housekeeping before we begin:

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    There is the opportunity for the same question to be asked multiple times or multiple ways. This is perfectly acceptable. The only thing we ask is that there is only one post per user; however, multiple questions can be in that post.

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    So, with that, I sincerely thank Mr. Milley for his participation, and I especially thank you for entering Connect2Edmonton and taking part in this event.

    Have fun!
    Connect2Edmonton Administration.

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    I will close the Monday thread at 23:00h on Monday. The Admin needs sleep.


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      Dear Mr. Milley,

      First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to commit to this endeavour. The C2E lot is certainly a group that puts forward some good questions that will take time to answer. It says a lot about both yourself and the EIA that you would commit to this form of public engagement.

      That being said...I'd like to ask a question relating to branding. EIA has done some fantastic work, IMO, creating a strong new brand and image. I'm really enjoying the look of the airport and the integrity that the whole package is presented with. I have two questions:

      1) We know about the future terminal expansion, but when on the timeline is a renovation/retrofit of the original north terminal? I've had a few WestJet travellers comment to me that our airport looks like it's out of the 60s b/c they never really left the north terminal on the way in (these first timers I don't necessarily get to talk to on the way out).

      2) Does the EAA have plans to agressively market itself? As I mentioned, I feel we have a very strong brand image that could be very effectively marketed towards certain markets (take my hometown area of Stettler/Lacombe/Red Deer, for instance). Billboards on Highway 2 south saying something like "EIA - x km closer in the other direction" or what have you. One of Edmonton's weaknesses in the last few decades has been our tendancy to be overly nice. While other markets are agressively marketing themselves, we sit back and try to be nice and build concensus. Well....why not end this and go into the fight with arms swinging. We're finally having the weight to back ourselves.

      Sorry, a 3rd question on a slightly different point. It's no secret that I'm an employee (for the time being) of Starwood Hotels. Has there been any investigation into getting a non-typical (and so far rare in Canaada) hotel at the airport such as an aLoft or element?
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        Hello Mr Milley
        My question revolves around scheduled service to Frankfurt. I recall in 2006 there was a concentrated effort to bring a sheduled flight in from Frankfurt and that has continued until today with no success. In fact we have even lost our charter service to Frankfurt. Would you agree that this issue is one not of our ability to support this route but rather political and hub issues related to our proximity to Calgary as well as the actions of Air Canada? How is EAA attempting to do to get Frankfurt service back?

        Thank You


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          Mr. Milley,

          As an frequent business traveller my options to selected US destinations has significantly improved. Now with the LHR route I am able to get to my meetings in Northern England very quickly. While these steps are made, I don't understand the continued lack of Air Canada or Continental on the IAH route. Do you foresee this route returning with Continental joining the Star Alliance? What about the IAD or EWR?

          Focusing on the new terminal, I am looking forward to the new facility. Features I am sure will place YEG ahead of all N. American airports as you dream big.

          I see this building is going to be LEED certified, what are some of the steps with electricity and natural gas you are working on to ensure you older buildings are also environmentally friendly interms of energy use? Have you consulted with companies like EPCOR or ENMAX on options?
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            Mr. Milley,

            You had mentioned 750,000 Edmontonians continue to drive to Calgary to catch their flight. Should or does EIA consider a media campaign to correct this problem?
            Something along the lines of a screaming baby in the back seat as car passes EIA and a line that reads: Two more hours to Calgary. Fly EIA direct. Great choices. Less time. or Is taking a road trip to take a trip worth your time? Fly EIA direct. Great choices. Less time.

            Along the same lines, should there be a greater awareness of the choices and options with our local travel agents?

            Is EIA focused on adding European and US destinations only or are there destinations like New Delhi and Novosibirsk on the radar as well?

            Thank you for your time,


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              Mr. Milley,

              Can you please define "General Aviation"?

              Thank you


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                Good afternoon Reg,
                I have two questions:
                1. The original plan for the expansion was to add 13 gates to the terminal. I thought I heard you say on the global inetrview that you are adding 17. Also on the latest rendering of the expansion that has been posted it shows 22 gates which would be a net gain of 17. Has there been a change to the expansion plans?
                2. I noted on a different thread the other day that Qualico is no longer involved directly with the commercial development on the east side of the terminal. Ken indicated that EIA wanted to take direct control of development of this area. Could you elaborate?


                Glen YEG4ME
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                  Hello Reg (again!),

                  Thanks again for taking the time to reply, I'm sure you have a life and a job, so I greatly appreciate you personally taking the time.

                  My questions are two simple ones but I think you're opinion would be nice...

                  1) How do you and Edmonton Airports plan to get rid of that 750K figure of those going to Calgary? How are we as a city going to reverse that? I personally think we just need more flights, which you told me is something you guys are trying hard to do. But I think you should do something more than get more flights...I don't know exactly what, would you have any ideas? Perhaps a ad campaign, cause if nobody knows we got a flight to Frankfurt, nobody is going to use it and they'll go to Calgary or Toronto or Vancouver.

                  2) Do you support the close of the Edmonton Municipal Airport? If so, what would you like to see on the site? A fashion urban district, a genuine family community, a college centred community (due to NAIT), what? Would you use the traditional grid network for the roads, which is what surrounds it, or use a fused grid or a more modern curvy roads like in the modern suburbs?


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                    Hi Reg,

                    I briefly touched upon this question in my previous post to you, but I do not believe it was addressed, so I will clarify further:

                    The taxi service for the International Airport is currently being served by a company that is not allowed to pick up passengers in the city; only the city's taxis can pick up passengers and take them to the airport. This creates the wasteful situation of cabs from two different entities going back and forth that are empty half of the time. And the infighting between said entities and having to use 2 separate companies in each direction is not a good portrayal of our city for business travelers and tourists. What is the best way to resolve this issue with the city and its taxi commission?
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                      Hi Reg,

                      EIA has come a long way since I emigrated here in 1996, I have two questions and hope the second will not be taken as a massive criticism;

                      1. When might we see more detailed drawings of the terminal extension and when would you expect to see construction commence?

                      2. I fly the direct LHR route on a regular basis, I am constantly stunned that every arrival seems to involve waiting for ground crew and very lengthy delays in receiving baggage (Saturday was 40 minutes as the gate had not been ploughed after earlier snow, I think it was the only one not done). This sets a very bad example for tourists/first time visitors. I know it has been difficult to attract staff due to the "hot" economy but what is being done to speed up the "landing to leaving" process so people see a far more efficient airport?
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                        Please ask your new questions in the Wednesday thread.