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Ask Reg - Questions Monday March 9th

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  • Ask Reg - Questions Monday March 9th

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask Reg Monday question thread. Posting here assumes that you are willing to abide by the rules of C2E, and the rules of this specific Ask event.

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    A couple notes of housekeeping before we begin:

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    So, with that, I sincerely thank Mr. Milley for his participation, and I especially thank you for entering Connect2Edmonton and taking part in this event.

    Have fun!
    Connect2Edmonton Administration.

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    The forum is now open.


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      Dear Sir,

      When can we expect a flight to Frankfurt or Amsterdam? Is there another destination Edmonton Airports wants first?

      Thank you.
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        Hi Reg,

        Thank you for taking the time to participate in this forum.

        When can we expect to hear about a hotel opening at the airport? It would be a great benefit to a lot of travellers coming to and through Edmonton.

        Also, what are your thoughts on LRT or a express bus connection to and from downtown Edmonton, and why isn't there such a service yet?


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          Hello Reg,

          1. What needs to be done to improve ground transportation services between Edmonton and its International Airport? Right now there's the Sky Shuttle and a taxi service that isn't allowed to pick up passengers in the city.

          2. Edmonton Airports also manages the region's three general aviation airports: Edmonton City Centre Airport, Villeneuve Airport, and Cooking Lake Airport. Edmonton Airports is responsible for operating and developing all four airports in the best interest of the entire Edmonton region. In the event that City Centre Airport is closed, are there any plans for expanding one of the other general aviation airports (this would include runways, hangars, etc)?

          Thank you for your time.
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            Dear Mr. Milley,

            I am a proud Edmontonian and a strong supporter of the Edmonton International Airport. I am very thankful that Mexicana is flying Edmonton and will be flying that route this month with a group. I think that the Mexicana flight scheduling is innovative that it serves both Edmonton and Calgary, on alternating days. Could you tell me if this innovative scheduling approach is working well for both Edmonton and Calgary? If so, are there any plans to work with airlines and with Calgary on this approach for other cities? In my mind it may offer the possibility of bringing better direct international flights to Alberta that neither Edmonton nor Calgary could support independently.

            When searching for flights to Latin America, (for example, San Salvador), the best routing available through Edmonton is through Mexicana. I notice, however, that since Calgary has a flight to Houston with Continental, their flight options (and fare options) are much greater. I believe last year Continental offered Edmonton-Houston service and I'm wondering why it is no longer offered and if you know if that service will be restored in the near future.



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              Dear Mr. Milley,

              Given the current state of the economy, does EIA intend to proceed with the full scope of the airport expansion as previously announced ?

              Do you think the EIA has been able to adequately educate and identify to the average Edmontonian and others in the region, how important a financial boost that this series of projects will create in our economy ?

              Thank you for this opportunity and your participation
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                Mr. Milley, Sir,
                Thank you very much for the opportunity to ask questions.
                I was a little surprised that the federal budget had no mention of Port Alberta. There has been a lot of talk, but no action. If there is to be a boost to our economy, I would think Port Alberta could certainly help and the time to act is now. We've all heard how great PA will be, and Edmonton's advantage because we have such a geographical advantage - but nothing seems to happen, and in fact other airports appear to be gaining cargo facilities and YEG remains stagnant. I would think if there is such a great prospect at YEG, the airport would start seeing some activity.
                My question - Is there something concrete in terms of a seeing something happen in the near future specific to Port Alberta?


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                  Dear Reg,

                  I have been a huge supporter of the efforts to try and expand services out of YEG. I realize that despite the significant increase in passenger numbers, there remains some major issues in terms of attracting new services.

                  However, I have some questions:

                  How can YYC attract BA, LH and KL in a span of less then 2 years while YEG has failed to attract any significant service - Now, I realize that AC's increased service to YEG is by all means, an improvement, and the MEX thrice weekly service is a start.

                  Service to the US. Yes...Numbers are huge!! But what are you doing to try and get more mainline service into YEG? Specifically, more service to the East Coast? once again: What are you doing to convince AC that YEG can sustain service. I have a hard time believing that AC would let WJ operate so many flights to LAS and LAX where AC has operated for years. I get the YYC and YVR hubs....but doesn't the Airport Authority play a role in convincing the airline to increase service, especially the LAX route which is operated by a CRJ 705?

                  Another question regarding cargo: an update on Port Alberta would be great

                  New airport Development: Please build an airport terminal for the future. Everytime I travel overseas (which I do a lot), I can't help but be fascinated by airports in other countries (I'm not talking Dubai or Hong Kong here...), but at least make it similar to what you get in Vancouver....friendly environment with big open spaces and nice appealing decor

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                    Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for your willingness to publicly participate in discussions surrounding air service delivery within the Edmonton region, particularly in light of the on-going (interminable?) and public nature of some of those discussions.

                    Secondly, I would like to ask you to step outside of the particulars of those current discussions and imagine the following set of circumstances:

                    1. All air service to the Edmonton region is currently being provided at the Namao airfield and this has been the case for the past 95 years and that airfield has been available under the terms of a 100 year lease with no renewal rights or options.

                    2. 100 years ago a group of forward thinking individuals had bequeathed to the Edmonton region those lands currently occupied by the Cooking Lake, Edmonton City Centre, Villeneuve and Edmonton International Airports and those bequests were all made on the basis that each of them was to remain completely undeveloped for 100 years. At the end of those 100 years however, all of these parcels would then be free to be developed for whatever urban need or service would best suit the needs of the region for the next 100 years.

                    3. Other than the above, development in the Edmonton region has taken place in exactly the same fashion as it presently exists.

                    4. The landlord at the Namao airfield has just provided written notice than under no circumstances will the original lease be extended and that all air services for the region must be relocated elsewhere prior to the end of the lease.

                    Thirdly, all of the municipal jurisdictions and other governing bodies connected to the provision of air services within the Edmonton region have retained you on a carte blanche basis to design the most efficient and comprehensive air services delivery system for the region to take us through the next 100 plus years.

                    The sole conditions attached to that task would be that you cannot utilize any land other than the above four parcels. You are not required to use all four but you can use all four or any portion of those four without having to use the entire parcel. You are free to incorporate or make provisions for complementary uses on any portion of any parcel not being used for the provision of air services if you deemed that to be beneficial for the provision of air services. You can also retain a portion – say 25% - of any sales proceeds of all or any portion of those parcels not utilized for the provision of air services and use those funds to offset any other development costs that may be incurred in implementing your overall plan. Any “off-site” servicing costs such as roads or transit would be cost-shared such that only 25% of those costs would be attributed to the air services provider and the cost of acquiring and maintaining things such as approach cones on an ongoing basis would be considered a servicing cost although it can be presumed that there are no physical impediments in any of these locations to actually securing them.

                    In the above, "air services" is considered to be broader than the pure provision of access to air travel and should include the kinds of service and amenities that would foster the ongoing development of an aerospace "centre of excellence" in the Edmonton region.

                    And now the question… following the implementation of all of your recommendations, what would the comprehensive and integrated air services delivery system for the Edmonton region look like?

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                      Mr Milley!

                      Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, it is greatly appreciated.

                      My questions are as follows:

                      1. There is no transit from Edmonton to the Edmonton International Airport, there are cabs and shuttles which can be expensive. What are you and your co-workers doing to change that, as it would be most handy. Are you guys negociating with Edmonton Transit?

                      2. Edmonton International (YEG) is one of the fastest growing airports in North America, so I hear. I also think we as a city are trying to turn it into an air hub. I personally always hear about new routes being added to Calgary International (YYC), even though Edmonton is/has gotten some new ones, it isn't to the extent as Calgary. Are you and your team doing anything to try to look for new routes in North America and Europe (New York, Boston, Barcelona, Rome would be some good ones to consider) to help push the 'Edmonton name' and get more people coming into our city? Because I think if we get more routes, more people will come to our city from farther off places and boost our tourism.

                      THANKS for your time,



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                        Mr. Milley,

                        Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask our questions.

                        I would like to know what we can expect in passenger and visitor comforts at YEG in the future. Free Wi-fi has been mentioned on another thread. Can we expect to see a similar service here? Will there be more restaurants and shops on both sides of security? Will there be more lounges added, especially on the American side? I was at Changi Airport in Singapore recently and I saw free charging stations for laptops, mobile phones and iPods. Is there any chance that such a facility is in YEG's future?
                        Fly Edmonton first. Support EIA


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                          Howdy. Never flown in my life.
                          What is your preferred airline to travel on?
                          $2.00 $2.25 $2.50 $2.75 $2.85 $3.00 $3.20 $3.25


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                            Mr. Milley,

                            When will detailed interior and exterior renderings of the terminal extension be released?
                            I saw on the news what appeared to be a 3d fly-by rendition of the future airport. Could this be posted to

                            Is there a plan to make the terminal extension more "world-class" then the present terminal? For eg. a public art budget? (I believe YYZ spent about $30million on art in the new T1)

                            What specifically will we be getting in a new terminal for 1.1B? What new technologies or architectural features will be included?

                            Could more be built for $1.1B today, with falling costs in the present economic environment, than when the project was first announced?

                            Can you give us some specifics on what is being done to attract new air service? I am aware of the executive in Toronto, but can you tell us which airlines YEG may be "courting"?

                            Thanks so much!


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                              The Admin needs sleep. Please direct questions to the Tuesday thread.