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Ask Patrick - Wednesday Question Thread.

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  • Ask Patrick - Wednesday Question Thread.

    Please post your Wednesday questions here.

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    It has been brought to my attention that one of the concerns of downtown residents might be that the arena will function similarly to a very large where 20,000 partially inebriated customers all leave the building at the same time and are unleashed on downtown. How will you address these concerns and ensure that downtown continues to be a place to encourage residential development?


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      Patrick - What are your tentative timelines for this project? ie. approx. when will an architect be selected, when will we see some preliminary drawings and finally when would you envision construction to commence???



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        I am very interested in knowing how involved the Oilers and Katz will be in the development outside of the actual arena itself... will they be the ones building condos, office towers, hotels, casinos? If not, have you been in contact with parties interested in developing these other parts of the arena development? When might we know who these other interested parties are?

        Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


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          If a new Arena is built downtown and owned/managed by the Katz Group/Oilers are there any additional sporting 'anchor' tenants that are currently not in the Katz Group/Oilers that you would be interested in bringing in?

          Also - Is it possible to use a diferent colored font in reply to all of the questions - Thanks.


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            Good day again Mr. Laforge.

            I understand you are busy and may not have time yet to get to my Monday question, so I will ask my followups now.

            1. I see from an answer to another poster that you have no plans to run for mayor. That said, what suggestions would you give to someone seeking that office? How could someone in that position better advance Edmonton business interests and tourism interests in Canada and abroad?
            2. You’ve obviously heard comments about Edmonton being an “unattractive” market for players. Everything from the Chris Pronger event, to a survey that placed Edmonton just above Buffalo as a place to play is regurgitated in the media and other circles. This also appears to play in business decisions when it comes to locating or expanding a business here. Is this “unattractive” perception more perception than reality? If it is more reality, what if anything can be done to change it or promote our location’s benefits rather than its detractions?
            3. Since joining C2E, a hot topic continues to be air service. We even hear comments from people like Edmonton native Kelly Hurdey about choosing to live in Calgary simply due to connections. Do find as a business leader, and as a member of the Oiler’s organization, that access to Edmonton by air is any more difficult than other places? Do you find the team travel schedule adversely hampered? Do you hear complaints from visiting team officials about getting here?
              As Chamber president, did you find that our air access was an impediment?
            4. I am not sure if you can clear a rampant rumour but during the City Center Airport debate, it was quite the talk around the water cooler that there was a huge shift in the Chamber's position from a closure stance to one of expansion. Do you know if this was the case, or was it simply misinformation and conjecture? I do not recall ever hearing a firm and official Edmonton Chamber of Commerce position.
            5. Rexall Sports now owns the Capitals, the Oilers, and the Oil Kings. Are there plans to expand the Edmonton offering to include a professional soccer team, basketball, or even the Eskimos?
            6. Given Rexall’s involvement with the Rexall Edmonton Indy, do you forsee the Indy remaining in Edmonton past 2010? Given the recent City Center Airport decision, do you know if the timeline of the Indy in Edmonton is already predetermined? If it is to stay, do you have suggestions as to how this event can be more inclusive to fans on and off site?
            7. I am trying not to ask an arena question, but the concept of this complex is that it is more than just an arena. I keep hearing conversations on office towers and residences. Granted, the conversation is still embryonic, but is Rexall Sports gathering more land than just the potential site of the Bacarrat? Does Rexall Sports envision something more than just an arena for the area?

            My apologies for the long list, but this is the last day. I tried to re-edit and space out the list, but I am having trouble doing so. I guess it is an old guy vs computers issue.

            Thank you again for your time. I echo the sentiments of a previous poster in congratualting you on an impressive set of achievements, and your support of Edmonton.
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            happy to be the grumpy old bugger waking up the booster club!


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              20 minutes left in the Ask Patrick forum.


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                Hello again, Mr. LaForge (my apologies but I am reminded of Star Trek: The Next Generation when I read that),

                Just one more question:
                As former chair of EEDC, what are your thoughts and hopes with Edmonton's bid for a World's Fair? Would this be something the Katz/Rexall group can help out with?
                “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                  We have come to the end of the Ask Patrick forum. Mr LaForge has promised to reply as soon as his schedule permits.

                  Thanks to our members for their questions, and to Patrick for the candid and open answers. Your time during the busy hockey season is appreciated.