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  • Ask Patrick - Monday Responses

    Monday responses.


    Responses will be posted by Mr. LaForge soon. Please remember that our participants need to respond when their calendar permits, but within the business day.

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    Monday Thread Responses

    Hi Mr LaForge,

    Thanks for participating in the Ask Forum on C2E. ---- October 19/2009

    My question for today is: What type of timelines can we expect with the new Arena? When might we find out more information on details and design of the arena. What is the goal to have the new facility open by?
    It’s still VERY early in the process and too early to provide the answers to those questions except to say we have a self imposed deadline of June 2014, when our current lease expires

    Hello, and thank you for participating.

    1. What are the chances of the Heritage Classic coming back to Alberta, either Edmonton or Calgary, that features the Battle of Alberta this time? Watching a game between Flames alumni and Oilers alumni would be fun!

    The Heritage Classic was a terrific idea which gave birth to the annual NHL Winter Classic. It was the right idea at the right time in the right place – the perfect storm and we’d have to make sure we created another good idea at the right time. I think Edmonton would be the right place for another ‘classic event’ .

    2. What can the Oilers do further to repair its perceived lowly image throughout the league? The Heatley debacle seemed to reinforce that quite strongly.

    We will continue to operate one of only 30 NHL franchises on the planet in a world class manner. I disagree that we have a ‘lowly image throughout the league’, in fact the Oilers remain a leader in the eyes of many league personnel and all of our NHL associates. Don’t be fooled by gaudy headlines and ‘talk radio’ sports commentators of callers. Today we have 5 wins to start the season and there are many who feel pretty good about ‘their Oilers’
    3. May I suggest a funding idea for the new arena that I have floated here before? Have various large companies contribute to its cost in exchange for naming rights for a period of time (say, 2 or 3 years), permanent luxury boxes and other benefits.

    All financial models and suggestions are gratefully accepted.

    4. What would you forsee happening with Rexall Place once a new arena is completed?
    Not our question to answer. We are tenants and don’t own or operate the facility.


    ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Mr. LaForge,

    1. You have stated that this arena complex will be 'iconic'. Can you further elaborate on this? Would the arena itself be iconic? Will the rumoured attached hotel/convention centre/condos also be designed in a style that matches with the arena?

    I think it would be safe to say that the CN Tower in Toronto and the Arch in St Louis are iconic architecture. The ability to create this district from scratch will happen about as often as Haley’s Comet appears so it would be wonderful if we could create a real ‘signature’ district with innovative design and function for all elements.

    2. We heard several weeks ago that there is no architect chosen. Do you have one chosen yet, and if so, are you able to tell us which firm? If not, do you have a shortlist you could share with us?

    There are no details regarding the selection or naming of an architect.

    3. Will you assemble separate developers for the secondary parts of the arena project, (hotel, housing, retail, etc) or will the whole project be developed by rexall?

    Again – it’s very early in the process and way too early to speculate or speak about these kind of details.


    Greetings Patrick,

    In this current economic situation, how do you convince the average Joe and Jane taxpayer that Edmonton needs a new arena? Even with minimal government funding, do you think building a new rink is a tough sell to the citizens of Edmonton?

    I don’t think so. We are still VERY early in the process. So far it’s only an idea which is just beginning to have legs. When ALL of the details have been provided for Joe and Jane I have every reason to believe they’ll see the merit of a downtown re-development with an Entertainment and Sports district.

    Also, a Quebec City group is serious about building an NHL quality sporting complex. They've had meetings with Gary Bettman last week plus the support of provincial and federal politicians.

    Does the Quebec City situation change the timetable or strategy for the Edmonton arena committee in regards to building a new downtown rink?

    It is interesting and it does say how important it is for larger Canadian cities to be home to an NHL franchise and it also says that having an NHL team in your city has very much to do with the quality of the facilities available. We are watching the Quebec City news closely and measuring how their actions might affect our plans but so far that relationship is still unclear.

    Thanks for your time and Go Oilers!
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