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Ask Jim Question Thread - Thursday April 22.

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    Hi Mr. Low,
    Thank you so much for your interest in helping inform everyone on this super project.

    There is one question I have, and please clarify one of your given answers from Wednesday: "...The advantage of the downtown location is there are over 12,000 parking spaces within a 10 minute walking distance of the site. These are mostly used during the day and could be used for arena events, which mostly take place at night."

    Do you know how the Arena parking strategy will affect the Arts District parking during Citadel and Winspear performances? Performances in these venues can start approximately 7:30 pm. My experience with parking in the Arts District (in City Hall parkade, Citadel/Library parkade, Canada Place Parkade, etc) during Citadel and Winspear performances has mostly seen filled up parking spaces in the evenings due to patrons attending performances. Please clarify if the Arts District parking spaces were included or not in the number of 12,000.

    Thank you in advance for your reply!
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      Thank you very much for participating in this realm of Q&A, well all appreciate it.

      While vague, I am still pleased at the general direction of proposed uses and overall plan with one exception. That exception being the idea of a 'winter garden'. We have for far too long in this city 'enclosed', 'connected', 'directed', and 'contained' our citizens from real urban form. We look back and loath these errors in judgement and planning. The winter garden would continue this trend and while i would be accepting of a 'plus' connection and some amenities one a raised podium, we must focus more on how to create a vibrant main floor with patios, restaurants, bars, retail, and overt animation. As for your replies from yesterday, I also would like to question the concerns over pedestrian safety and moving people over 104ave. I have visited many modern arenas with no large pedestrian connection other than one at grade with a larger crosswalk. Markets like Boston and NYC move thousands of people in much more congested cities across the rather small distance just fine and this experience and atmosphere is part of what makes pre/post game environments so amazing.

      Why does your team feel we need to head in the opposite urban planning direction, with the winter garden specifically, of most major cities these days?

      I encourage you not believe we are a 'winter city' and rather one of 4 seasons.

      I encourage you to not enclose, but open up

      I encourage you to bring people to the street

      I wish you well on this journey and do hope I am sitting in a new downtown facility come fall 2014.


      Ian O'Donnell
      Downtown resident
      Proud Edmontonian
      Proud Oilers season ticket holder
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        I agree with all these concerns with the large pedway over the 104 ave.

        My question is:
        Would you please reconsider building that connection?

        thank you.


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          I'd like to echo IanO's comments above, and specifically request an outdoor jumbo-tron with a live feed of broadcast games at an outdoor/semi-covered venue with comfortable seating somewhere near the arena. What a great way to pull residents, workers, and visitors into the heart of the district who may not otherwise know what all the fuss is about, or who may not be able to afford season tickets. Can you imagine the festive atmosphere during playoffs as the crowds mingle after games?

          People could still choose to watch from the comfort of their own home, or the pub but having the ability to create a special outdoor event might be kind of unique for the city.

          It could double as a park that could play host to pre-game festivities or other special events when there aren't any home games at the rink.

          Finally, I'd like to see you guys offer some incentives to seasons ticket holders to ride the ETS to the game. As a previous poster mentioned, you aren't the only game in town many evenings, and as downtown continues to grow, congestion and parking issues, will only be exacerbated by the presence of the arena.

          Perhaps you could throw in an annual bus pass with each seasons pass? Cut a deal with ETS to let people use their single tickets for that night gain entry into the system on the way to and from the game? Even when it's not freezing out some (rich) people will always choose to drive themselves, but if you get creative, you can help to alleviate the burden on our roads.

          Thanks again for you time!
          Jordan Schroder
          Proposing solutions to problems that don't exist since 2007


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            Thank you all for participating.