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Ask Danielle - Tuesday (June 15th) Question Thread

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  • Ask Danielle - Tuesday (June 15th) Question Thread

    Tuesday's questions for Danielle Smith can be posted in this thread.
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    Health Care

    On the whole, people in Alberta tend to rate health care issues as their number one concern.

    Under successive PC administrations the province has witnessed a concerted undermining of public health care provision and delivery.

    With the whole system in disarray and staff morale at an all time low, what proposed policies do the WRA have in place to revitalize the beleaguered public health system across the province?

    Also, what commitments can you offer potential voters in regard to supporting and funding a wholly public health care system and bringing to an end the gradual creep towards private care witnessed under the present administration?


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      Hi Danielle,

      1. Much of Alberta's economy is based on natural resources that are finite and non-renewable (oil and gas) or highly dependent on climate (forestry and agriculture). Alberta's economy needs to diversify, but past attempts to do so seem to get quashed or ignored.
      Does Alberta's economy needs to diversify? If no, why not? If yes, (a) diversify into which areas? and (b) how will this be supported by a provincial government?

      2. Alberta has a brain drain. All too often I read about young, bright and talented people - may they be musicians or software developers - moving from Alberta to either Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal to pursue their careers. What I interpret is that Alberta does not support its artists, nor does it have anything resembling venture capital to support and retain young tech startups. What will the Wildrose Alliance do to stop this brain drain?

      3. The Wildrose Alliance was formed from the remnants of a couple of socially conservative political parties. Alberta has long held a reputation in this country of being an intolerant Bible-belt backwater, a perception that still lingers to this day. How will this party dispel such perceptions of the province and of the Wildrose Alliance party itself?

      4. The Wildrose Alliance also has the perception that it is the party of choice for disgruntled Calgary power brokers. And given that there's been this decades-long Calgary vs Edmonton attitude amongst said power brokers (especially during the Ralph Klein era), what will the Wildrose Alliance do to convince us, the people of Edmonton, that they're not a Klein-style "Calgary first" party?
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        Hi Danielle!

        Recently there was lots of talk at the federal level of the need for abortion policy, despite a system that is truly working well as-is.

        What is the Wildrose Alliance position on contentious topics such as abortion and gay rights?

        How does the Wildrose Alliance plan to move forward with "the times" while still maintaining a right-wing platform?
        "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal


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          Hi Danielle. Thank you for being C2E's special guest this week.

          It can be forcefully argued that Alberta's greatest fiscal impediment is our nonsensical duplication of resources for religion-centric school systems and health boards.

          Would Wildrose support a law that prohibited provincial funding for any religion-affiliated organization?

          Edmonton: Capital of Canada's Bold West!


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            Hello Danielle, and thank you for taking our questions.

            Alberta's Heritage fund has been misused for decades now, with investment returns made from it rolled in to general revenues when the times are good, however losses are not replaced when times are bad. It's been used as the equivalent of a savings account where the person doing the "saving" spends the interest every year.

            Inflation adjusted, the fund has not grown in two decades. What is the WRA stance on changes to the policies surrounding the Heritage Fund, whether regarding further contributions/investments, or sheltering gains within the fund?


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              Ms. Smith,

              In the last couple of days, stories have come out about the question of qualifying for funding based on whether or not a party's leader has a seat in the legislature. Given this, two questions:

              Do you believe arguing over the amount of public funding your party recieves helps or hurts your party's position as being fiscally conservative?

              Would you be prepared to ask one of your MLAs to step aside so that you could run in their place in a byelection in order to qualify, should you win, for the respective funding increase?

              Thanks for your time.


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                Hello Danielle

                Do you support amalgamation of regional services for rural municipalities, and would you support capping greenfield growth for the large urban centres? Would you consider spreading out the impact of the Industrial Heartland on the environment of the Capital Region by placing some of the industrial growth from bitumen upgrading in a corridor east of Highway 2? I believe the Alberta Advantage is leaving these communities behind, and we should promote some growth in Alberta's towns and small cities outside the Highway 2 corridor. Thank you and good luck


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                  What would you do to convince your federal counterparts to start looking at
                  legalizing marijuana.
                  Getting the Criminal Code of Canada changed that govern the use and carrying of small amounts of marijuana.
                  Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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                    Thanks for participating Danielle!

                    What is your parties position on Marijuana Legalization?

                    Recently the Harper government has been pushing Bill S-10 which includes mandatory minimum sentences of 6-9 months for growing 6 or more marijuana plants, and 12-18 months for making any hashish. Considering the vast income which would come with the legalization and taxation of Marijuana and the removal of an income source from the black market the responsible decision seems to lean towards legalization? Does the Wildrose support the tired dated rhetoric of Marijuana being a danger to society (while liquor and Tabasco remain legal and kill millions each year)? Does the Wildrose champion peoples right to choose what to do with their body? Although a federal issue, how would you influence or voice your opinion?

                    Thank you.

                    Stephen Komrade


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                      What's your stance on police investigating themselves when charges are brought against officers?

                      How do you feel about the RCMP using wiretaps illegally?

                      What's your stance on copyright laws regarding bill C-52? Do you agree with Tony Clement?


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                        We will close this thread now. The new one will open momentarily.