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Ask Danielle - Monday Question Thread.

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  • Ask Danielle - Monday Question Thread.

    Please post Monday's questions here.

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    What is the WRA position on LRT expansion funding for Edmonton? We would like to have a NW line to St. Albert limits by 2019 and the west/southeast line done by 2016.
    $2.00 $2.25 $2.50 $2.75 $2.85 $3.00 $3.20 $3.25


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      Hi Danielle, thanks for participating.

      Albertans have been promised "smaller, more efficient government" for a long time, only to see it get bigger and more bloated by the day. Does the Wildrose Alliance have the will to empower front-line employees, reduce middle management, shrink government, and put those savings back in the hands of hard-working Albertans? If yes, be specific on how this will happen and by how much. If no, why?

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        Ms Smith

        What is the Alliance parties position on royalties? Would you raise or lower them?
        What is the Alliance party position on utility deregulation? Do you support it?
        Does the Alliance party believe in unrestarined growth, or would you provide restraint if necessary?
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          Currently, the Alberta government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars building new schools in Calgary in Edmonton, when there is already a surplus of schools and surplus space available that kids could instead fill. It makes no sense to close a school in a mature neighborhood to fund the building of a new school in a new suburb, move the kids to the schools not the schools to the kids. This will encourage recycling of mature neighborhoods something that is desperately needed to stop the donut effect that is occurring in both cities.

          What is the WRA position with respect to new school building versus utilizing existing schools?

          Where does the WRA stand on sprawl in general - many cities throughout the world are implementing green belts (or did long ago - e.g. London). Ontario has taken greenbelt measures to reduce sprawl (e.g. ). Would WRA support measures on a regional basis to encourage more densitifcation in Alberta to help preserve farm land, green-space, and revive inner cities?
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            Hi Danielle.

            What's your policy on transparency in the office following the rampant spending by members of the PC party? What initiatives are you offering to fight overspending and political pork lining?

            Since baby boomers are now becoming seniors, we're going to see a major need to increase health care services and government run seniors centres. Can you please convince me why privatization is better for people on limited budgets or pensions who need government assistance to do stuff like live or eat?

            In light of the BP fallout and their reluctance to adhere to basic maintenance, do you think it's wise to let the oil industry police themselves? How do you feel about the plans to increase production up there by 51%, and what's going to be the province's cut under your policies?

            Feel free to just answer one and I'll revise my questions accordingly.

            PS: How tight are you with Preston Manning?


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              A while back you were quoted as saying something about the sciences (nanotechnology) not being relevant to Alberta economy unless it benefits directly our core, established businesses.

              Would you please clarify your position regarding Alberta participation in education particularly the post secondary including technical and trade schools and universities?

              Also, please comment on the need of Alberta to diversify its economy and any participation by the government in that endeavor.

              Thank you,


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                Hello Ms Smith,

                I have a number of relatively unrelated questions:

                Does the Wildrose Alliance have a commitment to high-quality public architecture?

                State-owned companies like Sinopec and Statoil have bought into our oilsands. While these foreign governments profit from our oilsands, Albertans see fewer public services from their own gov't. In your opinion, is this fair or equitable?

                What will a Wildrose Alliance government do to help revitalize Edmonton's downtown?

                Are you more fiscally conservative, or socially conservative?

                In your opinion, what is the number one challenge facing the world today?

                As a method of international politics, would you advance the realist, liberal, or constructivist theory?

                What are the three best qualities about Edmonton, in your opinion?


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                  What is your take on transfer payments to the provinces.
                  Alberta pays huge amounts of taxes to the Feds which is then divvied up to the provinces. Quebec has benefited by this to the point it has a fabulous child care program where parents pay very little per day to put their children in day care.
                  What would you do with transfer payments that allow other provinces to have platinum programs at the expense of other provinces.
                  Why can't Alberta have a day care program like Quebec?.
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                    Will your party absolutely and unequivocally commit to the following for the Alberta public school curriculum:

                    -- the mandatory teaching of modern science, including but not limited to evolution, geology, and cosmology?
                    -- the total exclusion of religiously inspired pseudo-science and pseudo-history, included but not limited to intelligent design and biblical mythology presented as supposed historical fact?
                    -- the mandatory provision of sexual education, including discussion -- without condemnation -- of such topics as contraception and birth control?
                    -- a unit for ecology and environmental science, including discussion of such proven effects as anthropogenic global warming, depletion of energy stocks, marine, land, and aerial pollution?
                    -- unit for social science, including such topics as economic and military imperialism, comparative religion, population movements, cultural dissemination, bigotry and tolerance, and issues of social and economic development in all the continents?


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                      Monday Question Thread is now closed

                      Please post your questions for Danielle on the Danielle Smith - Tuesday Question Thread
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