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Forum appropriateness part II

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  • Forum appropriateness part II

    Folks, a recent situation has highlighted the need to ensure that I ask all of you to consider the very public, moral, and age diverse nature of our forum.

    Connect2Edmonton is not a dating service, nor is it a place to solicit areas for one night stands, swinger parties, or anything overtly sexual in nature. There are plenty of places on the internet both local and abroad that can assist you with finding entertainment of a sexual nature should you so choose to partake in this world. Connect2Edmonton is not it.

    There is no problem with people asking about nightlife, about places to go and meet people, about how to get involved in clubs, or questions on where exotic dancing is held (legal establishments). HOWEVER, as soon as the discussion starts describing activities with the walls of the establishments, or within the parties, or your preferences for evenings of a sexual nature, the threads will be locked and if the steering committee deems it appropriate, it will be removed from the public forum and archived. This also applies for solicitations for illicit drugs, methods to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, or any borderline illegal activities. The steering committee reserves the right to modify or further delineate these examples at any time.

    Recently, one thread has caused a bit of concern and a few people reporting the thread as inappropriate. This thread has been since removed. This is a decision that was passed through several people before action was taken, it was not arbitrary nor does any one moderator or co-chair have the permission to ad hoc delete threads. It is always done in a very democratic and collaborative fashion. I think that people can readily cite example after example of threads where things became a little heated, opinions vocal, and the potential for insults were there, yet the reaction from the moderators was muted. This one however, crossed the line. Even members posted openly about its appropriateness, and Kenn (the other co-chair) openly posted about the rather questionable nature of the topic.

    Understand that if you are approached by a moderator or are informed by the steering committee that a thread has been locked or removed, it is not done out of malice or any "power trip". There are several threads and discussions on this forum that bordered lines, and that we reviewed, but chose to keep open. If there is a feeling that there is any power trips out there by the C2E staff, I can assure you that there is not a single person who has the authority to act alone. We are truly management by committee with an extremely diverse group of stakeholders ranging from Chambers of Commerce to Chambers of Non-Profit/Volunteer organizations and everything in between. We also span several political and religious spectrums. I can honestly say that this group is one of the most tolerant, diverse, and respectful steering committee's I have had the privilege to be a part of, and that censorship or opinion stifling is not on our agenda. Our only agenda is to promote Edmonton to the world.

    Also be aware that subsequently arguing, insulting, or engaging in passive aggressive behaviour towards moderators will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, that happened recently, and we have forwarded the IP address of this person off to the respective ISP and requisite authorities, and subsequently had to ban a user for the very first time in C2E history - not an easy decision. We will protect your identity, but when veiled threats arrive, then all bets are off. A decision to lock or remove a thread is final. Accusing any of us for not “thinking out of the box” on this forum is something that I would seriously have to challenge the accuser to back up, as the very nature of this forum and the forum itself is “out of the box” thinking at its best. Insulting us does not help your case, and removing a user is not fun for any of us.

    I am very very happy that this forum has gone this far without any serious incidents, and I am determined along with the Steering Committee to ensure that it remains an open and honest place to debate Edmonton’s present, celebrate and critique Edmonton’s past, and push Edmonton headlong kicking and screaming into the new future that awaits it. It is because of all of you that this forum is as good as it is. I hope that people do find this a very open place to talk, regardless of your opinion.

    In summary:

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    Thanks for the Part II update.

    Very good points for us all to keep in mind!


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      These need to be refreshed for all C2E members.

      Please take a moment to re-read this and the general conduct (rules) from when you became a registered member of the C2E community.

      There are some things that will not be tolerated such as slander, sexual references, discrimination against ANYONE or ANY GROUP.

      This forum is a community and like any community there are things we do not agree with personally and voicing this disagreement is fine but in a civilized manner. No swearing, being deliberately antagonistic or disrespectful.

      I happen to think the C2E community is wonderful and I value everyone’s opinion, differences and insight but there are acceptable ways to express these.

      If you are unsure of a comment or reference it is most likely over- the top or inappropriate and should be left out.

      C2E respects each of our members and we request you do the same.




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        Our wonderful C2E community has grown so much that I felt that this thread needed to be refreshed.

        First, I want to say welcome to all our new members and thank you to EVERY member who is part of this online forum. I personally value and appreciate all of your contributions and have enjoyed “connecting” with you.

        However, I want to encourage everyone to take a quick look over the general guidelines and the forum appropriateness as there have been some right on-the line (and over-the top) postings.

        Postings that make other members uncomfortable (as if they are being attacked for voicing their thoughts) are not acceptable and I have received PM's from members telling me this has been occurring and I have felt this way myself.

        Some threads are very divisive by nature but personal attacks or comments such as "you don't live in this area so butt out" or "do you even know what you are talking about..." do not engage meaningful and constructive discussion—which is the sole intention of this online forum.

        Thank you everyone and let us keep having fun and connecting!


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          Gentle Reminder:

          Gentle Reminder:

          Profanity (swearing) or cursing is not tolerated on this online forum and YES acronyms count as does this example "letter***" .

          Connect2Edmonton is a public community with an extremely diverse member base and I ask that all our members remember and respect that. There are members who are offended by profanity however innocuous the term may seem to you.

          We can all express ourselves without resorting to swearing (it is not necessarily easy at times) but it is achievable and it is required.


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            This is a reminder to all members that C2E does not tolerate profanity.

            This means "on the edge" language, g*** or anything that you would not say in public to a Reverend, your grandmother, the Lt. Governor...

            Let's be responsible here. If you cannot express yourself without resorting to inappropriate words then an online forum is not the place to be working on your vocabulary.


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              /\ a helpful tip on how to actually clean up a previously posted by you message:

              click on EDIT button and change the words that imply violence (physical, sexual, moral etc), or other rude forms of expression to what you wanted to say in the first place.


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                ^ Thank you grish!


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                  wasn't sure where to post this but it surfaced on another forum...:

                  "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


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                    lol at that. its so true especially the Nazi comment. and the old 56k warnings for big pics.
                    be offended! figure out why later...


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                      Originally posted by kcantor View Post
                      wasn't sure where to post this but it surfaced on another forum...:

                      Okay, that video is getting embedded in the opening post
                      Time to grow up.