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  • FIX the bloody posting

    ever since this update happened you click on post and the gawd damned thing just hangs there and does nothing till you push it again then come up with a box saying you already posted that what in the blue hell is going on and can it be fixed as I'm noticing a lot of double posts now as well

    Edit: it just did it even trying to make this damned thing!!!!!!! grrrrrr

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    I find that if I just refresh the screen, or go to the front-page and check the latest posts, my post has been added, even if it didn't seem to happen at the time of posting. YMMV.


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      This is what happens when:

      -You don't test updates before applying them to a live site
      -You have an admin that doesn't give a f about this place anymore
      -I'm willing to bet the CMS is throwing all kinds of errors since the upgrade too, and being ignored.

      Yes, Yes I know Rich is a volunteer, and all his time is his time.... however, ever since Ceres left, this place has been patched together with bubblegum and shoe strings.

      Since the last upgrade, we've only seen about 1/10th of the user base come back...
      A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.


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        On the plus side, the traffic is now low enough we're not worth the effort for MrCombust....
        Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!


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          My belief is this, be thankful for a free online forum.; there is that saying, "beggars need not be choosers". That said, some complain about Katz"s entitlement, but it appears some here would be equal or surpass him in that mentality if they were in his shoes.
          " The strength of a man is in the stride he walks."