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The new issues/suggestions for C2E thread

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    Thank you Medwards for quite adequately proving my point. And RTA, he most definitely remains a moderator.


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      what was your point again? I didn't think you made any...
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        My point was that the moderation here is incredibly inconsistent, and several of the moderators (or a couple in particular) are often times hardly better than forum trolls, gleefully sticking their thumbs in the eyes of their frequent targets of torment (I absolutely don't consider myself one of those).

        Honestly, if you're not capable of following along, I've prepared the following summary (let me know if you'd like me to read it out loud to you):

        1. A heated debate about whether a sidewalk on a downtown project should have been left open begins, and moves in to general construction practices and safety. Heated, but for the most part within the TOS of the site, and it seems to finish in it's own course.

        2. An anonymous moderator comes in and smugly, brashly and condescendingly threatens to, in the future, delete posts that use the board supported (NON-DEFAULT) quotation feature without trimming excess posts, even though this has never been raised as an issue before and is more or less standard practice on the boards in hundreds of past discussions. In fact, the site admin admits that they turned the feature on themselves.

        3. Several posters take issue with the anonymous threatening post, pointing out that none of the posts violated any of the board's terms and that if it was such a problem, the board's settings should be changed accordingly.

        4. A non-anonymous moderator, Medwards, quotes some of the board rules that in no way justify the previous anonymous moderators post or threats of post deletions. He then questions why posters weren't apologizing for their posts, despite once again said posts not violating any of the board's rules or terms other than using a board feature as it was designed to function. Several posters point this out.

        5. Medwards then makes another lovely, condescending, smarmy, sarcastic post about "forum manners" referencing another poster's genitalia. Keep in mind, once again, that Medwards is a forum moderator, and quite likely the original anonymous moderator (remind me again why having moderators anonymous and therefore unaccountable is good?).

        6. I once again inquire as to what rules were broken and/or why an apology should be expected of anyone but the original anonymous moderator who threatened to unjustifiably delete posts, and who has steadfastly refused to apologize or otherwise take responsibility for sparking off a contentious debate over non-existent board rules.

        7. Several other people comment, generally expressing similar opinions as DanC and myself and indeed pointing out Medwards doing EXACTLY what was threatened as justification for post deletion previously.

        8. Medwards then makes 4 posts in a row (with several more following a single post by DanC) devoid of any actual content, "abusing" the default quotation feature in the same manner as he's been complaining about, and more or less gleefully trying to troll or goad posters into making further responses.

        9. I point out what a farce Medwards has once again made of the board's moderation, and he feigns ignorance. I spend 20 minutes typing up this summary, and decide that with the current state of affairs and horrendously immature and inconsistent moderation prevalent on these boards that there's little point continuing to contribute here any longer.

        Best of luck to everyone.


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          ^ I agree with your summary with the exception of #9. If you are going to leave, just leave.


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            Originally posted by raz0469 View Post
            Keep in mind, once again, that Medwards is a forum moderator, and quite likely the original anonymous moderator (remind me again why having moderators anonymous and therefore unaccountable is good?).
            Because this point and possibly this entire thread would be moot if you didn't think/know Medwards is a moderator. It's been made pretty clear in every other "I hate the mods" thread that C2E allows and encourages its moderators to share their opinions and views as members of the community. I believe many of the moderators here are anonymous now for exactly this reason - to better separate the metaphysical contributor from the metaphysical moderator. You don't seem to want to see that difference even though this has been stated many times, over and over.

            And I think that's why having anonymous moderators is a good thing.
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              It'd be nice to have a system like Slashdot, where if you post in a thread/on a topic you can't moderate it.
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                I apologize to all for the way this thread has gone. There are multiple offenders that have derailed this conversation, and yes, from multiple points of view. In reading this derailment, I can point out more than a few concerns, and it is not just potty mouths.

                I also apologize for my lack of attention as of late, but there are some rather serious issues demanding my attention, especially the ones that pay me. There are also people that actually appreciate what I do and how much I care about their success, and the general positive progress in their lives and in this city. Those areas deserve my attention, and they shall receive it.

                I ask that everyone go to their respective corners and calm down. I will review this thread in more detail when I have a few moments. Until then, I will lock this thread and create another site suggestions thread. This will remain in view however until myself and others have time to look this over fully.

                ================================================== ===========

                A couple quick comments...

                ...Mod5 is not Medw....

                ...Mods are anonymous now because of a history of some members taking discussions too far...and scratching cars...threats...leaving interesting notes on windshields...since we allow your anonymity for the very reasons such as the freedom to have a position and your personal is only fair that it is extended to the moderators...after all...that level of "accountability" goes both ways...and I am personally sick and tired of it being used as a beating stick when people refuse to be held to the same account for some of their rather...shall we say extreme...posts....

       interesting side mods...the existence is not rumor...but no one has started a "I hate so and so" thread on a newbie...even though newbies have their views and have become rather "engaged" as their non mod, I think there is a bit more anecdotal evidence in the back pocket...most of you don't react or create threads about meanies if you don't think the offensive opinion comes from the Stasi...or even a mall security guard...

                [email protected] is exactly how we run...if you post an opinion on a no longer can moderate it...I am not sure if we need to enforce it systematically as I don't see rampant abuse...correct me via PM if I am wrong...I cannot promise you a fast response though.

                @kcantor...thank you for taking my call...
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