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ImageShack (hosting pictures for the forum)

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  • ImageShack (hosting pictures for the forum)

    Some people here have mentioned using ImageShack for hosting photos and images but are having a little trouble with working it out. Here's

    Go to . Register for an account. They'll e-mail you with a registration code. Click on the code link and you'll be taken to the upload page. Once you've clicked on the code, you can log out after you're done, but you'll have to go back to that code in order to log back in, so it may be more useful not to log out.

    If you can't see it, there'll be a link to "upload images" (don't use the multiple image upload page unless you have a bunch that you want to upload at once through a zip file).

    This is the upload page. Here you can either upload a file from your computer or from a website. The maximum size of the image has to be less than 1.5 Mb.

    When your image location shows up in the upload bar, you can resize the image to fit a website, a message board or make it into an avatar or signature. A thumbnail is also created if you don't want to show a large image on a post or website. You have a choice of having the image dimensions shown on the thumbnail or not.

    Then click on the "host it!" button.

    What will result is this:

    Then click on either"Hotlink for Forums (1)" (if you want the full image) or "Thumbnail for Forums (1)" (if you just want a thubnail linking to the full image). I think that (1) will display on a board like this due to the terminology of the address, but you can try both and preview your message to see if it works.

    ImageShack does suggest that you use thumbnails instead of the full image as it decreases the bandwidth used by their servers.

    The images you download can be publically viewed or you can choose the option to make them private.

    The images that you upload will always be on their server even if you choose to delete them (so they'll always be there to undelete). The only thing the delete function will serve is to clean up any unwanted images that you can see and allow you to see only the ones you want to access.

    What uploading to a hosting site like ImageShack is that you're not hotlinking to a site that may not want people to hotlink their images and use up their bandwidth.

    Hope I explained it well enough. If you have any questions, PM me.

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    Thought I would sticky this topic to the top... its helpful
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      Seems those images you stored on imageshack are no longer valid?


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        Originally posted by Medwards View Post
        Thought I would sticky this topic to the top... its helpful
        Good idea, nay good job Medwards , it will be a very helpful reference point for people who download pictures.
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          Since Admin wants photos to be hosted on a site rather than hotlinked, best to bump this. And, yes, the images I had aren't there anymore. Process should still be the same, although one can upload a photo without an account. You won't be able to find it again to share, though.


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   is another good choice.


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              Went to the Imageshack site and saw that they've redesigned the whole thing, including giving larger preview images. Plus they're featuring more images from others in different categories. And one can build albums instead of having their entire collection in one pile.

              BTW, I originally mentioned about posting thumbnails instead of a full image, due to bandwidth. Well, they grew over the last 7 years, so that no one has to do that. Post whatever size they offer.