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Anyone else enjoy listening to vinyl?

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    Yeah, I seem to recall reading an article somewhere that a lot of vinyl sold these days is never even listened to. I believe this was it, or similar:


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      Yeah, I guess a guy wouldn't want to ruin the pristine vinyl by putting a stylus on it.
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        I just posted the global news article to another old music thread as there isn’t a dedicated old cassette music thread. Anyway, this is somewhat relevant to both threads.

        Vinyl and cassette sales saw double digit growth last year - The Verge
        Jan 6, 2019

        Cassettes make unexpected comeback in the age of digital downloads |
        December 26, 2016

        “He suggests the audio quality on a good cassette deck is almost as good as vinyl and the production costs are much cheaper.”

        Cassette Craze: Cassette tape popularity on the rise for music producers ...
        Jul. 26, 2018

        The rise of modern music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music brings with it the loss of a physical manifestation of the music. After about 40 years in decline, the vinyl industry has returned to the scene to fill this gap, accounting for about one out of every seven physical album sales, according to Billboard. However vinyl is not the only physical and nostalgic form of music in resurgence these days.

        Cassette tapes are making a comeback of its own, fueled by the cheap and easy production it takes to make one. According to Forbes, cassette sales grew by 74 percent in 2016 and by 35 percent in 2017, ...

        Hipster embrace of cassettes fuels demand for magnetic tape

        March 23, 2019

        A global shortage of the music-quality magnetic tape used in cassettes has helped the fortunes of two firms, riding the resurgence in popularity of cassettes.

        Across the US cassette tape album sales grew by 23 per cent in 2018, according to industry tracker Nielsen Music. Sales rose from 178,000 copies the year prior to 219,000.


        From 2016:
        What’s old is new again as vinyl makes comeback at Calgary Music Collectors Show |

        Cross-referencing a related old format thread:

        What are the next 10 songs on your MP3 ?
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          Vintage audio and vinyl heaven in my new HIFI lounge in the basement I will admit I'm using my MacBook a lot more now that I have some neat RCA to HDMI converters but I still do buy the odd record and I'm buying more hip hop and old school EDM records at the moment. Most of my record collection is still boxed up from the reno, I'll unpack the rest of it in the fall when the weather changes and it's time to spend more time in the cave

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