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Avenue Nov 2018 - where is it?

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  • Avenue Nov 2018 - where is it?

    I've been trying to obtain a copy of the November 2018 issue of Avenue magazine, mainly because of the Top 40 under 40 feature. Normally it hits the streets the first of the month or thereabouts.

    The problem? It is now past the halfway point of November and the November issue of Avenue STILL hasn't come out yet! I've checked Vignettes at City Centre Mall and a couple other places but they only have the October issue.

    I would like to get my hands on the November issue of Avenue before the month is done and is time for the next issue. Either that or just stick with the online version of Avenue and let the print version die like the dinosaurs.
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    Citadel has a bunch in the south corner away from ticket office
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      Our EPL location (Idylwylde) usually has free copies in the racks at the front door to take. Maybe other locations do as well.
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