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  • Webshots

    If any of you have used Webshots for sharing your photos or downloading other's photos, you probably know that it's undergone a major change. No longer is it a place for sharing pro and amateur photos. It's become a storage site and all the images that had been on the site have been deleted.

    One of the other advantages was their Photo Manager. The manager not only stored any downloads but it could also be used to convert any other photos on your computer into a format that could display those images as screen savers and wallpaper. One could have a static wallpaper or it could cycle through all the converted images over a timed interval.

    The good news is that the Photo Manager can still be downloaded. I think the last version was The site I downloaded it from added some unnecessary items that I had to delete, so I can't say what site will give you a clean download. But you can use Google to find a site you trust: