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Responding to letters in the Journal/ Sun

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  • Responding to letters in the Journal/ Sun

    I've always wished I had a forum to retort some of the ridiculous things I read in the comment section of both papers, So here it is!

    Present the letter or column (credit the source), then post your retort. I'll go first:

    White elephant

    The Edmonton JournalApril 24, 2009

    What is going on at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute? As far as I can see, absolutely nothing!

    This hospital, which cost a whopping $217 million, is just sitting there. It officially opened more than a year ago with great fanfare, and now it just sits. What's with that?

    What does Health Minister Ron Liepert have to say? From where I sit, it is the biggest white elephant in the city, and has to be the laughingstock of health-care professionals everywhere. My blood boils when I read of all the cuts being made to health care, and this building is sitting idle.

    M.K. Reid, Edmonton

    Well M.K. Ried, a little research would have dug up the fact that the base building was constructed with the intent to fit it up as needed. Here is a recent RFP for exactly that:


    Interior fit-out work within Floors 3, 6, 7, and 8 and within adjoining interstitial spaces in the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute to "LEED CI" requirements.

    but no, write uninformed, indignant letters to the paper, by all means.
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    Over promise and under deliver. It’s the most Edmonton thing you can do.

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      Here's how I would have written the article:

      Health or Hockey? Why trade the two?

      What is going on at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute? It cost a whopping $217 million. For that amount of money, we could have probably built 2/3rds of a brand new downtown arena (at today's prices). With a new arena - the Oilers will attract new support, feel good about themselves, and maybe make the playoffs. That will encourage my kids to exercise more, in the goal of becoming NHL'ers (as it is, they are talking about learning golf). With an arena, our hearts will be healthier, and we won't need these institutes.

      Just kidding (almost as silly as the original).
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        Well the hospital still has yet to open for patients... from what I've heard is that they purchased all the medical equipment before even having a design for the building itself. Now all the equipment is outdated and doesn't even fit in the spaces designed for it. So yea... it is a touch embarrassing to be honest.


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          ^ I'd like to see some proof of that
          Over promise and under deliver. It’s the most Edmonton thing you can do.


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            That's just a rumor I've heard working at the U of A... it's quite likely not true, but you never know with the way some things are run by our provincial gov't.


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              A recent Venting entry:

              - The Hat on Jasper is our new favourite restaurant. It's just too bad it doesn't have a deck or patio. But then, this is Edmonton. It's hardly worth it for the two weeks of summer.
              “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                ^Yeah - it feels like we will be lucky to get 2 weeks this year. That's one's actually pretty neat I think (writer is asking for a patio, and adding a bit of humor).


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                  If this summer is anything like last summer, the venter needs a kick in the teeth. 2008 was the longest, hottest summer in memory. I'll concede that I can't remember things I said at the beginning of a conversation by the end of a conversation, but last summer was fantastic in any case.

                  I'm hating all vents and newspaper articles when people use the phrase "Big 3" when griping about car companies, when Ford clearly stands on its own above the other two shameless companies.
                  "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal


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                    99% of the venting in papers is uneducated. That's what makes it mostly frustrating but sometimes entertaining.


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                      Back to the original post, If nothing has gone on in the building for more than a year and they are just now putting out RFP's then Mr. Reid does have a point.
                      I can see putting up a building with room to expand, but if nothing has gone in then it's a Potemkin like joke.


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                        Writing letters to the Sun only generates some trite, one-line retort from an in-house hack. Waste of time.
                        Nisi Dominus Frustra


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                          The Maz what, officially opened like a year and a half a go but hasn't served a single patient yet? I'd say some questions and critism is well deserved. Hopefully somebody got a pink slip over this....somebody messed up bad.


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                            Last I heard, the mazankowski institute is supposed to open at the end of June.
                            “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                              Two from today's Venting column...

                              - While outdoor cafes are nice to have in the summer, the space they take up on the sidewalks makes them impractical the rest of the year.
                              So what's the solution? Bigger sidewalks or no patios allowed in Edmonton?

                              - If you support the closing the City Centre Airport and allowing it to be developed, remember your choice when you're stuck in the traffic that results from the thousands of vehicles that will call that area home.
                              Boo hoo hooo! If traffic jams are your concern then let's convert the whole downtown into one giant airport.

                              Here is a cranky letter writer:

                              Oilers 'dream team' coverage excessive

                              It is a good thing that a cure for cancer was not discovered this week -- Edmontonians would not have heard about it due to the media coverage of the Oilers new "dream team." Some radio stations even pre-empted regular programming to cover the story.

                              I am sure some Edmontonians find this obsessive preoccupation with the Oilers rather embarrassing. Believe it or not, there are people in this city who are not interested in watching a bunch of unmotivated millionaires chase after a piece of rubber over the course of a very long season.

                              Yes, the "dream team" probably is news; but it is a sports story and should be in the sports section. Surely there are more important things to place on the front page of a major newspaper. How about the fact that the number of EI recipients in Alberta increased 32 per cent in March? Fortunately for the Oilers new coaching staff, they will not be included in that statistic.

                              Janet Sacuta, Edmonton
                              Some people should have more fun in their life.