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    I was thinking we could maybe hand out some pamphlets to neighbours and friends about this website to attract more people here. I'm sure there's hundreds more out there just like us who don't yet know about the site but share the same passion. Does Mayor Mandell know yet? He lives down the street from me and I could place a little pamphlet in his mailbox.

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    I'm quite sure that Mandel and all of council knows that this site exists
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      We do have C2E business cards - no individual's name, just the logo and the web address with the generic [email protected] e-mail address.

      After all, it is about the site, not the people who formed it.

      We are also looking at other ways to spread the word. Get Down E-Town has a few cards they are taking to other events across Canada - THANK YOU!

      We have not given too much consideration into a bulk mailer/flyer campaign as we do not have a big budget and rely on 99.99% volunteers. Our budget pays for the server. This ensures autonomy, but places restrictions on what we can do to promote.

      However, we are looking at unique fundraising events...even some merchandising...stay tuned...
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