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    i want to stay in cpp. might i have to leave the province then?
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      deleted duplicate post
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        I’ve long pondered the idea that Alberta could add to CPP it’s own supplemental pension with near equivalent payout terms (but with a lower balance).

        Wondered what the effect might be on equalization too if it somehow lowered taxable wages through a different collection route - say upstream of salaries.

        Or a PST - pension savings tax.

        I wouldn’t be very happy with the current plan being spun off to Alberta.
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          Former Progressive Conservative MLA Doug Griffiths was on the committee and said none of the ideas hold up to scrutiny.

          “Pretty much all of it was non-starters, I realized that a lot of the rhetoric that comes with it comes from anger,” he said. “That is the first time that I learned that your anger is a liar.”

          The committee came at the start of Griffiths 13-year-run as an MLA. He said he had long thought the province was getting an unfair deal and should adopt all of the ideas, but close study showed they’re all flawed.

          An Alberta pension plan, for example, would struggle to match the 10 per cent rate of return the CAPP plan has seen Griffiths said. He said an Alberta plan would also be pushed to invest in provincial industries instead of creating a more diversified portfolio.

          “Then when you have a downturn in the economy, you have a downturn in your pension plan.”

          “Son, one day this will be an iconic structure shaping Edmonton’s skyline.”