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  • Bigger than bin Laden? 3 striking things about Trump’s announcement that Baghdadi is dead.

    He also disclosed that Russia was given a heads-up about the operation, even as top Democrats in Congress were not. “We told them, ‘We’re coming in.’ … And they said, ‘Thank you for telling us,’ ” Trump said. He added, “They did not know the mission.”

    Trump said, however, that he didn’t tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) because he worried about leaks spoiling the operation. Before the news conference, there were reports that Trump also hadn’t notified House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), who is a leader of the impeachment inquiry against Trump but would generally be a member of Congress you’d inform about these things.

    Trump seems to be indicating that he trusts Russia with this information more than congressional Democrats, which will be a talking point in the days ahead. He also seems to be placing Russia ahead of the Kurds, even though Russia wasn’t actually involved in the mission, which seems a conspicuous choice.

    The third striking thing is the credit-taking. Trump wasn’t initially very forward about how much credit he thought he deserved for this. As he took questions, it was clear what he was angling for.

    Most significantly, he repeatedly alluded to the idea that Baghdadi’s death was a bigger moment than Osama bin Laden’s. Bin Laden was killed in 2011 on President Barack Obama’s watch, and Trump at the time accused Obama of taking credit for it.
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    • Nice that this type of individual is erased. But there are 10,000 more waiting in line to take his place. Never ending story over there.


      • Netanyahu takes page from Trump playbook.

        Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, charged with bribery, fraud
        Netanyahu has said he has no intention to resign, and maintains he's the victim of a conspiracy of left-wing opponents and media figures

        Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will stand trial for bribery and fraud, an unprecedented development that could doom his career and shape the political crisis that’s gripped Israel this past year.

        The 70-year-old Netanyahu will be charged in each of the three cases in which he was entangled, the Justice Ministry said in a statement, painting the picture of a leader who abused his position to take gifts from wealthy friends and sacrificed the integrity of his office to win favorable media coverage.


        • One more POS erased.

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