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Tag a bag will reduce garbage volume

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  • Tag a bag will reduce garbage volume

    The Edmonton Journal

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    The debate goes on about what is the best way for the citizens of Edmonton to pay for the disposal of their garbage.

    The tag-a-bag system is by far the best way to control the amount of garbage that we put out, and fairly pay for its disposal. It may not be a popular choice, but often the best decisions aren't.

    If we lived in a perfect world, all citizens would conscientiously work to reduce their garbage, thus saving taxes and reducing the volume of garbage going to our landfills. Instead many people have the attitude, "I pay taxes and I can put out as much garbage as I want and the city will take care of it." We need to have a system that links the cost of collecting our garbage and how much we put out for pickup.

    For the benefit of everyone, we need to have a system that encourages reduction of garbage. We need to give incentives to Edmontonians to recycle, compost, and reduce the amount of garbage they produce. The tag-a-bag system is the best way to do this. With a little effort, it is possible to reduce the garbage from a home to less than one bag per week.

    I know tag a bag is not a popular option, and it will have much opposition, but it is the best option for our city.

    Harry Vandervelde, Edmonton

    The Edmonton Journal 2006
    President and CEO - Airshow.

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    oh man, well, i am all for reducing garbage amounts, (my blue bag fills way quicker than the black one) but unfortunatlely i am not very timely when it comes to putting the refuse/recycling out on garbage day. In the winter, sometimes I end up with 4 - 6 weeks worth sitting in the garage.

    Now, if on one of those days that i REMEMBER that i have 5 bags sitting in the garage from many past weeks and i put them out, i would obviously be using way more than my quota for the week... would i pay extra? bummer.

    hmmm, perhaps i'll be forced to clean out the junk drawers/closets/rooms/basement sooner than later.


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      I lived in St. Albert when pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) was introduced there. I don't know exact stats (and they'd be interesting to look up) but the city reports a significant reduction in garbage going to the landfill.

      There was a lot of griping to begin with, but people have accepted it.

      Granted, there were some problems with people taking their garbage to dumpsters or just dumping it on the side of the road outside the city. But that's kind of a problem regardless of PAYT.

      I like the idea of people seeing that there is a direct cost for the garbage they discard. Yeah, I know, our taxes should cover these services. But you can have a direct impact on what you pay simply by wasting less - what better tax is there than one that's discretionary?

      Keep in mind Edmonton has curbside recycling pick up. St. Albert residents have to take their recycling to depot location, and they've managed.


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        Crap, if this happens I have to stop putting the garbage from my small renovations in the curb side trash and make trips to the landfill. Boo I!