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  • Introduce yourself!

    Introduce yourself to the forum!

    I'll start...

    I'm Thomas and have been living in Edmonton all my life, I love this city and hope great things will come its way.

    What about you?
    Edmonton first, everything else second.

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    Good idea

    I'm Sherman... born and raised here, and happen to think the people who say this place is boring haven't looked hard enough for things to do

    I'm looking forward to what the people from this community will accomplish.
    Time to grow up.


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      Good idea Thomas!

      I'm Cara, a born and raised Edmontonian.
      Although I've spent time living elsewhere, I always come back home with a renewed sense of appreciation for this great city.

      Let's spread the word...


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        Hello All!

        I'm Ryan. Born in St. Albert, lived in Slave Lake, educated at the UofA, now living in Spruce Grove. I have always been an Edmontonian at heart, a proud supporter of the Oilers, Eskimos and our Arts community.



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          Richard here!

          Born in Edmonton, raised in GENESEE!!!!

          I am very excited about this. I look forward to using this forum to help me in recruiting, and in showing why I moved back here after living in so many other cities.
          President and CEO - Airshow.


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            I'm Lindsey, born in Edmonton, grew up in Newfoundland and moved back here just before junior high. I'm currently in my second year of Engineering at the U of A.


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              I'm Ryan, I was born and raised in Edmonton, recently completed a Bachelor of Management (Intl. Mgmt) at the University of Lethbridge and am now back in Edmonton.

              I think this is a great initiative and am looking foward to continuing to spread the word about this great city.


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                I'm Sherman!

                I hate to break this born-and-raised-in-Edmonton trend, but someone's gotta do it eh... :P I grew up in Toronto and loved it there. Most of my family and friends reside there.

                I'll be finishing up my Mathematical Sciences Co-op undergrad degree from UWaterloo this summer. Although I will miss being a student, and managing and promoting events on our wonderful campus, I look forward to graduating... Exciting times!

                I hope to visit every province in this wonderful country - so far I've done Manitoba (very briefly), SK, ON, and Quebec.


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                  Hi, I was born and primarily raised in Edmonton. I've also lived in Kelowna for a couple of years and other cities/towns in Alberta (Vegreville, Sherwood Park).

                  After spending a few years in Ontario for university, I made my way back to Edmonton in 2003. I work for a local engineering and consulting company in Edmonton.

                  I love this city and what it has going for it.

                  I am looking forward to this forum and interacting with everyone.



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                    Hi, I was born in eastern Canada - don't blame me, I had nothing to do with it!

                    I have lived in Ontario, BC and Alberta. I have been fortunate to have visited every province and territory except the Yukon.

                    Have also been very fortunate to have lived in two other countries and have travelled to over 50 countries.

                    This is my second time in Edmonton. I have been here over twenty years, so it looks like I am here to stay!

                    My paternal grandmother and my father were born and raised here and from them I have a love of the Esks and Oilers.

                    I love this city and have always been a proud ambassador for it.

                    I am an Edmontonian!




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                      I'll add to this fire

                      My name is Myles and I was born in Stettler, where I lived until 1994 and then in Lacombe until 2000 when I moved to Edmonton to go to University. For the past six years I have lived in Riverdale and the Financial District (with a brief year hiatus in the south end).

                      I'm currently enrolled in the Humanities Computing/Classical Archaeology MA program at the U. I hold a BA Honours in Anthropology/Classics from the UofA as well with my primary focus being on the warfare of Rome and current research deals with predictive terrain modelling to figure out troop movements and regional defensive matrices.

                      I love Edmonton and have been happy to see some of the change about this city has seen in the past five years ago. However, we need more and more importantly we have a huge mental barrier to get over. Edmonton still does not view itself as a city in many ways and this is where we have failed in the past decades.

                      Hopefully things such as this forum can help get our voices out to people that make decisions in this City. Edmonton has a lot of amazing potential. We just need to tap it.
                      LA today, Athens tomorrow. I miss E-town.


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                        Hi, I'm Troy and I'm a design

                        Born in Edmonton, lived in Singapore for 2 years, Kelowna for 5 years and the rest of my time in Edmonton.

                        I graduated high school in Edmonton, completed courses from U of A and have an Honours Diploma from NAIT.

                        I'm glad to be apart of this and look forward to increasing the positive outlook on Edmonton.
                        Thus the task is not so much to see what no-one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought that which everyone sees. - Schopenhauer


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                          hi my name is ian, i enjoy long walks in hawrelak, ice cream on whyte, and anything oilers....

                          er i mean

                          i was born in ottawa raised in edmonton, took a "vacation yr" in vancouver, and am back with a renewed sense of how undervalued, underappreciated, and under represented Edmonton is in Canada.

                          I work for a local developer and am hoping to be much more involved in Edmonton's future growth from here on in.





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                            Adding to the foreign content, I was born in England, lived in Scotland, moved to an outport in Newfoundland, came to Canada in Nova Scotia, moved to Ottawa, then Halifax, Jasper, Edmonton, Grande Prairie and now back to Edmonton.

                            I'm constantly delighted by what Edmonton has to offer, and at what level. One of the choirs with which I sing was invited to be part of a performance at Carnegie Hall last November, for example.


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                              Welcome to Connect2Edmonton John!
                              Edmonton first, everything else second.