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  • Well, things look to get interesting.

    Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple to Save Climate, UN Says - Bloomberg


    • Global warming and climate change are directly tied to human activity. It was fully accepted for many years by the most powerful politicians in the most powerful country that makes the greatest amount of CO2 in human history and has the biggest stake in whats happening.

      Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich Commercial on Climate Change

      President Bush Discusses Climate Change (200

      His father stated the same thing 18 years before him.
      President George H. W. Bush on Climate Change in 1990 - Clinton on Climate Change 2007

      September 7, 2007 - Stephen Harper says Canada will be a world leader in the fight against global warming and in the development of clean energy technology.
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      • ^No surprise. Anyone that's really looking into this can tell you that CAGW is far more political than scientific.

        Interesting that the Antarctic ice extant is the most since measurements began. Plus the Great Lakes ice cover has never been this high also since measurements started and was at about 91% at its height.

        "A quick update for sea ice extent for day 111 of 2014:

        Global Sea Ice Extent is 1,047,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean.
        Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is 1,627,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. That is the 44th daily record for 2014.
        Arctic Sea Ice Extent is -581,000 sq km below the 1981-2010 mean."

        As well, I wonder if those in Winnipeg are hoping for some warming this year:

        "WINNIPEG ─ The side effects of a cold winter aren't coming to a quick end for some Winnipeg residents.
        Frozen pipes have been an issue for weeks, and many won't be repaired until July.

        Randy Hull, with the City of Winnipeg, said frost could remain deep enough into the ground to keep pipes frozen into June. According to the city, there are 479 homes without water because of frozen pipes with 7,320 considered at risk.

        Hull said Mother Nature will play a significant role, determining how quickly the frost beneath the ground thaws."
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        • So TerryH, you do agree that climate swings are happening more often with far greater effects that in the recent past due to the ever increasing mean temperature and the more energy in the atmosphere that point to our links to the causation?
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          • We should be seeing more climate changes but not for the better, compared to the past 20 or so years. But I doubt we'll be seeing any pleasant changes coming along. As for causation of whatever energy is added or subtracted from the atmosphere, that will depend entirely on the sun. We're already seeing more problems, such as the incessant march of the Arctic Vortex this winter, massive livestock deaths due to major snowfalls, potential shorter growing seasons, higher energy bills, and so on, due to decreased solar activity.

            As for the "increasing" mean temperature, that's due to NASA/NOAA deciding to, for some unknown reason, lower the actual data for the 1951-1980 baseline and then raising the actual data for more recent temperatures. That's like saying if it was actually 19 yesterday and 20 today then deciding to change it to 18 and 21 to make things look a lot different.
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            • Study: It Is "Very Likely" That Scientists Are Confusing Us About Global Warming


              • lol, global warming might be convincing once the correlation between Co2 and climate is as high as that between the divorce rate in Maine, and the consumption of margarine:



                • Believers commuting by Jet

                  Oh well, good to see Greenpeace, who seem to get quoted quite often by believers as gosipil, take global warming really really seriously (except for when they need to commute by jet):



                  • Don't worry about climate change......humans will do themselves in, long before the heat and rising sea levels get to us!

                    To Quote George Carlin " we are an evolutionary cul-de-sac" The only thing left over to prove we were here to explorers hundreds of thousand years from now is a little plastic.


                    • Originally posted by moahunter View Post
                      Oh well, good to see Greenpeace, who seem to get quoted quite often by believers as gosipil, take global warming really really seriously (except for when they need to commute by jet):

                      My grandparents (born in the 1800s) pretty much never flew anywhere. Emulate them if you want a greener world. Look any any so called environmentalist today and I bet they are heavy polluters in comparison to those earlier generations.


                      • BBC News - Full extent of global coal 'binge' is hidden, say researchers


                        "...Apart from this area, almost the entire developing world is looking to coal as the power plant fuel of choice on the road to industrialization."...
                        "They argue that with properly functioning carbon markets and the development of carbon capture and storage technology (CCS), the scale of the impacts on climate could be reduced.

                        "The extra piece of this is CCS," said Prof Socolow.

                        "There is a tool, it does costs money - but it is one of the ways of having your cake and eating it too."



                        • Interesting feature on CBC Manitoba this past weekend . It calls into the question the thought that polar bear populations have been dwindling due to low sea ice. I probably would've missed this except for a person posting a link to a Daily Caller story in which one of the comments (posted about 3 months ago) had a link to here: in which just so happened to have on its its home page a story, posted today, about the CBC story on polar bears.

                          The link to the video posted on the 31st:

                          The follow up post I first saw:

                          The direct link to the CBC video:

                          It's a shame that the antagonist of the story is a prof at the U. of A.


                          • In connection to the polar bear story is one where satellite measurements have shown a 1.7 million square km increase in ice extent and thickness from August 30, 2012 to August 30, 2014.


                            August 30, 2012

                            August 30, 2014

                            These images were copied from the above story and are originally from the University of Illinois' "The Crysosphere Today" web project. One of the features they have is comparing two images from different dates.



                            • Wasn't 2012 an exceptionally low year for the ice pack? One summer in 2014 does not make it a trend. It is statistically insignificant.

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                              • It would be statistically insignificant, if the growth wasn't steady and if it was looking like an anomaly. Right now, there are plenty of those who advocate that the polar ice cap is shrinking and are fixed on 2012. Considering that 2013 and 2014 have been rebound years, perhaps we should look at 2012 as being an anomaly. And the criticism that the ice growth is just "fast ice" can't be shown according to the 2014 image.

                                A very good site for tracking the world's ice growth is:

                                The blogger keeps a daily look at the Arctic and Antarctic ice extents using data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Here's today's Arctic ice graph compared to all data lines from 1978: