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  • Originally posted by ctzn-Ed View Post

    That statement is pertained to our directed interaction to the topic at large. The fact that you pulled shiot again to deflect the issue by insults of others is indicative of my point. You stated, "I was ill informed of Africa's situation (not per verbatim)" and I told the truth. I do believe earth is warming up, but I dont believe in the "global warming" caused by man. I stated," something is interfering with earth" and you accused me of be a "conspiracy theorist". There is no conspiracy as something may well interfere with the earth or sun as more than abnormal corona mass injection ( CME) has occured base on NASA'S data that I frequently observed. Those ejections also correlated with more and prevalence earthquakes- especially the "ring of fire" which includes the many earthquakes of late off Vancouver Island. Your ignorance or insecurity to have people coral around you and your points is your priority, so you ASSuME I was on a conspiracy run. If some great historical intellect fell into your trap, we would still believe earth was the " centre of the universe" just as now we have recognized "Pluto" is no longer a planet instead a planetoid based on mathematics. NASA and scientists finding. That said, I guess you, being C2E official genius is the standard of the universe, so tell me where "planet X" ( the real 9th planet" that they are searching for is located in our solar system? Experts are looking for it and you being a genius should know...
    Hey ctzn, looks like you're a climate skeptic. The movement is growing.

    When you post here though, you'll only end up arguing with the same several climate kooks who attack you. They do not read posts, they do not research, they do not investigate. They only attack and argue. Medwards is the worst. any attempt at discussion inevitably ends up in a spam bomb of the forum from some blog. All of them often responded, (and disputed) my posts without actually reviewing, or even reading, them. I can see from replies to your posts nothing has changed, get used to that

    I used to post here and was up to about 500 views a day of my thread "The TRUTH about climate change". It would have been the most viewed thread on connect2Edmonton in record time. I knew I was getting too many views and I suspected something would be done about it. Maybe just co-incidence but connet2edmonton had a problem and "upgraded" their software, fundamentally changing the way the site is viewed. That resulted in almost 0 views a day.

    When people were reading my posts I enjoyed posting the latest science and research on the subject. Without that it's just the same 7 loonies attacking your posts. All the while, each one pretends to represent the entire human race, while you are the one lone human who thinks climate change is a farce.
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    "Without feedbacks, a doubling of CO2 would result in 1 °C global warming, which is undisputed." Climate sensitivity, Wikipedia