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  • theme of new theme park in Edmonton

    There is a need for a theme park on the subject of affluence. Too much of the world is prejudiced by economy. Recently Jaydee Bigsby was rejected by a so-called democratic vote principally because the people in Ontario outvoted him because of snide remarks made about a working class area in Hamilton by Ben Mulroney. This was so unCanadian! It sounded like our great country had been turned into a backseat for communism. Afterall we are all hard workers - art is culture and not to be the subject of prejudice.
    I am a native Montrealer but I lived in Edmonton for a time in the late 70s. I made a proposal for an Expo-like mall in West Edmonton which became the West Edmonton Mall.
    Your proposal for an Expo is interesting but you are very far from population centres. I suggest that if you do want a great success in whatever you do get the Ukrainian and italian communities involved. They are immensely creative and bound to get some kind of event going!
    The name Edmonton comes from a burrough near London. The veast fairs quite deteriorated when the church set the markets aside from its functions, the rich began to frequent bars in London and the poor created their less than comely affairs. I think bringing the rich and poor back together again a road to success. I believe what is going on with Hamilton to be bad for Canada and should be the subject for cartooning and laughter. This is what Edmonton should provide - a place to mock the economic politics of the world and regenerate understranding and appreciation between peoples. Too stand out you must fight off prejudice. Winnipeg will have a human rights museum...why not Edmonton a theme park and perhaps a science fiction land like Expo 67, a city of the future, a suburb that would be a place where people want to live and would reinspire faith in a Utopian future. I could help with that. Expo inspired not because of Canada but inspite of it, because of what it was. People thought it would fail. People believe your project will fail. Expo would have failed were it not for the clear vision of a great mayor whose desire it was to create a great universal event! It was more than international, it consisted of the nature and geometry of the Universe. This is where Edmonton with proper planning can succeed no matter what project you undertake. A well planned place will inspire the imagination.

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    Thank you for all your comments, they are appreciated!

    Welcome to the C2E forum too...come back and visit us online whenever you want!




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      futuristic city and place to spoof politics

      What you want is a place that will be successful at engendering growth in your community and pride. Than build a proud environment with universal imagination and they will come to visit and to live. A magic kingdom that spoofs the economic protest pack and challenges the future for the good, a futuristic city that adopts the best approaches to planning and brightens the cityscape with new forms. I can help you with this. This must not be another Brasilia, it must be a people's project, their love in creating this futuristic place sheltered, but of the open sky. Bring in the Inuits, help them out, and offer yourself of the love of Mother Earth and form! Beyond Frank Ghery, back to reason and relationship, with twists that enrapture, to live and enjoy, learn and grow, to understand the inner dynamic of the genome these are things that will continue to excite and thrill. Stick with us Montrealers and you will achieve unequalled pride. We were not New York but look what we managed to achieve. Your belief and concept of what you wish to become is what you will achieve. My grandmother was from Northern Edmonton so I am doing what I can to help you out.


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        We do need vision and leadership....
        President and CEO - Airshow.


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          big dreams

          Like your attitude girl. Keep smiling and make friends with motivated ingenious people. Read good books and take tours to see what's around. You sound like you you've a great future ahead but like the winner of Canadian idol recently explained you never will realize how much the success will mean till you earn the position. I had dreams as a child but I never realized what these would ultimately become, greater than your wildest imaginings, the Universe more strange than even your wildest concept of strange, a reason more great than the purest reason, a space so profound, it would have floored you had you encountered it earlier in life. The mysteries never end and the reasons never cease to grow and amaze. Build your world for the woman in you and cherish it for the great women who have brought forth the wonderful lives we so cherish and wish to endure, our endearing faith in those to come, make our struggles worthwhile. Lest we allow the barbarians to ruin our pride - stand up for security and justice and we will make a good planet, a place where we can feel comfortable and rejoice in the spirit we have nurtured and sustained, the moments we experience and share, the situations not that we create but the opportunities we award our fellows and their futures. This ultimately is our greatest strength. To give life is what is a woman's greatest strength, to take what is offered and turn it into the greatest reflection of herself this is the greatest blessing for a woman, for mother earth, for the family of life on the planet. Long live - 'we the living'. I am old and may die but this treasure is as real as the next person to carry the torch - good luck girl . Bless you.


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            Uhm....pardon for being dense, but can someone provide a Reader's Digest version, please?
            “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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              Originally posted by RichardS
              We do need vision and leadership....
              I absolutely agree. The kind of leadership we need is not necessarily restricted to our politicians. I'm thinking of the outstanding leadership shown by ordinary citizens who built a better community.

              For example, Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung and their colleagues who won rights for women here and ultimately for others across Canada.

              We could continue with Edmonton Eskimos legends such as Jackie Parker and Johnny Bright. They continued to contribute to our city after their football careers are finished.

              These people pursued their calling, and they continue to inspire.

              Before pursuing any Expo, I think that Edmonton should take stock of its past and present, and determine its vision for the future. I think of the following themes for our city's identity:

              (1) In the Beginning (pre-1795-1891): Exploring the west and connecting with our first nations people through the fur trade at Fort Edmonton.

              (2) A Pioneering Spirit (1891-1905): The settlement of Edmonton/Strathcona and Northern Alberta with the Canadian Pacific Railway's arrival in 1891, by settlers from across Canada and Europe.

              (3) Edmonton Takes Flight (1905-1929): Alberta as a province, the merger of Edmonton/Strathcona, the Persons Act.

              (4) The Depression and War (1930-1945): Edmonton's resilience during the depression and World War II.

              (5) The Oil Boom (1947-1980): Edmonton's rise to Oil Capital of Canada, and the new wave of growth in the City.

              (6) The Festival Boom (1980-1999): Edmonton's growth on the Arts Scene.

              (7) A New Renaissance (2000-onward): Edmonton's new economic boom, and vision for the future.

              Curfue has some great arguments here. What kind of image to we want to share with the world? I think a successful Expo would include the interaction of all these elements.

              Our Expo could set a direction for the future, based on our values:

              (1) Following through on our river valley plan.

              (2) Celebrating our diversity.

              (3) The new northern gateway.

              If we stick to our vision and mission, it will be a successful expo. Even if we don't have an expo, we can still act on our vision and mission.
              "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


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                I don't understand this thread. What exactly are you proposing curfue?


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                  I see it as both a suggestion for our expo, with a suggestion for more of a permanent theme park, smattered with "go get 'em" thoughts....
                  President and CEO - Airshow.