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JAYCOPTER @ World's Fair '64

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    Originally posted by McBoo View Post
    Working Jaycopter in an arena / entertainment district?

    Outside the new RAM?

    Bedside a funicular platform at Rossdale?

    Or, built into the public space of the ECCA development?
    It is an interesting idea but a reproduction that would meet today's safety standards and be electrically powered would be hellishly expensive.

    Neat but expensive



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      Originally posted by Thomas Hinderks View Post
      Originally posted by Jim Warman View Post
      Originally posted by Thomas Hinderks View Post

      The original Jaycopter is at the Reynolds Alberta Museum awaiting restoration.

      Similar to the worlds fair version but designed as a helicopter trainer for instructor and student...never caught on.

      The Arcade version as you know did and went around the world.

      The Alberta Aviation Museum has (2) you can come down and operate
      (1) very early model (1) version from the late 60s, early 70s. Drop down and spend a quarter to relive your childhood.

      I worked for Pete Jacobs along about '67 or '68. Several of us, including one of his nephews were involved in building Baby Jays as well as running an 8 passenger Jaycopter as an amusement ride in Happy Valley near Calgary.

      Pete was a wonderful man to work for and it is a shame that his invention never received the recognition it deserved.

      We hope to change that for Pete Jacobs and others in time.

      If things can be worked out with the City of Edmonton for additional space on our current site or if we are forced to do something different we hope to gain enough room to be able to tell more of Edmonton's aviation stories and the Jaycopter is one.

      We also hope to be able to have the room to showcase the people of:
      Aircraft Maintenance #1
      North West Industries
      SPAR Aerospace

      As well as the the lives of the mechanics, ground crews and flight engineers that kept things working day to day...could not have happened without them.

      We also need to create galleries for World War One and between the Wars, Agricultural aviation, Water bombing, Air Ambulance Services and expand existing.

      We are working on it but it takes time, space and people (yeah money too) and right now the single biggest problem is space.

      Thanks for your information.

      Thomas Hinderks
      Executive Director
      Alberta Aviation Museum
      Another photo...

      A posting from 2006...

      1965 Jaycopter found

      By the way, in the Flickr picture that Randy L. posted, see the "blue block" on the opposite end of the 'crane' from the helicopter? That's the counterweight, and it moved in and out on the track that you see there. How that movement was synchronized to the throttle controls was the key to how the whole thing worked, to keep the powerful helicopter from wrenching and twisting the support structure into a heap of scrap metal. Competitors weren't able to figure it out or make it work right. But the Jaycopter people came up with the right equations. But the thing that did in Jaycopter before they could get into mass production, was the advent of computerized flight controls and advanced flight simulators.

      But the experts (that I found on the web) say that even the best of today's flight simulators still does not reproduce as accurately the sensation of helicopter flying the way that the Jaycopter did."
      "Does not ship to Canada" A bit of irony there. Too bad - I've have bought it and donated it to the museum...

      1964 COKE BOTTLE CAP of the Jaycopter Ride at the New York World's Fair


      Someday I hope to go through my dad's old photos, etc. and scan in some of the WWII/post-WWII Aircraft Repair information. I've already donated some stuff to the City Archives on their manufacturing of planes, boats, etc. plus an organizational chart, etc.

      A friend sent me this news today - maybe an opportunity to highlight Edmonton's history regarding pilot training...

      New Edmonton pilot training centre expected to boost economic development
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