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Federal Party Platforms and the North

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  • Federal Party Platforms and the North

    I have been looking through the web and I do not see much in the way of policy or plan for the Canadian North and Arctic.

    So far , it appears only the conservatives have any focus on it at all. They have a number of commitments. I would like to see the other parties intentions regarding northern issues.

    A fair number of Edmonton based businesses and workers have ties to the north and are affected by government policy .

    As noted in recent article in the Globe and mail l, Nunavut is a functional basket case. I know that federal intervention will be needed and it will be costly . Health , Infrastructure , housing , food are all issues and the liabilities continue to build. It was a mistake to expect Good governance in territory that was not prepared for it . The Auditor General has confirmed this time and again . Besides the sovereignty and resources issues, there are big bills coming down the pike. All parties should be have a northern strategy.