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    Time to start the party merger facebook thread!
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      Originally posted by Paul Turnbull View Post
      Current posted numbers are:
      CON: 23552
      NDP: 12634
      LIB: 10969
      GRN: 1637
      PPC: 292
      CON: 25552 23552
      Everyone Else: 25532
      Hawn won barely won.


      Edit note: I originally had Hawn incorrectly totalling 25552.
      You can whine and cry and do all the wacky math you want. He won by over 11,000 votes.


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        Next time there won't be a strong Liberal candidate in this riding, they'll be too busy trying to rebuild themselves out east to bother trying to regain here. You can look at Edmonton East and Edmonton Strathcona to see that a one-sided vote for the lefter parties is entirely possible in Edmonton, and that means next time Hawn should probably campaign a bit harder if he wants to keep his seat.

        The collapse of the Liberal party could lose the CPC some seats in the prairies next time.
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          If Lewis Cardinal commits to federal politics and works on his base then he might have chance against Hawn. I get the feeling that the vast majority of Hawn's voters are base (voters who will vote for him no matter what) while a lot of Cardinal's vote were part of the NDP surge. These are people switched their votes NDP based on the current campaign. The Cardinal needs to convert those people into committed NDP voters if they're going to have a chance next round.

          My fear with Cardinal is that he'll abandon the federal party to run provincially when the next Alberta election rolls around.

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            Agreed, it would take a commitment to stick with the federal party and to continue campaigning for the duration. If the NDP have enough vision to commit to expanding the foothold they gained in Edmonton Strathcona (which grew in this election to a solid win, so it shouldn't be too difficult of a bet to make), they will do well here. But that does mean keeping a solid campaign on the ground for the long duration.

            With urban densification happening in the core and growing all the time, the demographics will likely have shifted considerably in the next 4 years as well.

            Here's what Lewis Cardinal said on facebook:

            In so many ways my team and I won big last night. We started with very little and built a movement powered by a formidable campaign team, a small army of volunteers, and real friendships. My sleeves are still rolled up, my campaign shoes are being re-soled, and I will run again. Thank you all.
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