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    Meh, think what you like... it doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the lack of advance planning it seems like Mr. Murphy undertook prior to making a decision to run in Edmonton-Strathcona. I applaud his effort and wish him luck. Discussion over.


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      I am pleased to see that so many are passionate about Edmonton-Strathcona. I encourage people to take a look at my platform on, or ask me questions before discounting my candidacy. I strongly believe that I am putting forward new ideas, which are separate from the large party’s platforms. Viewing Edmonton-Strathcona as a blue or orange riding is a narrow-minded way to engage in politics. I am running in this election because I feel that I can provide better governance through independent and objective thinking.

      My candidacy is not about vote splitting, it’s about providing better representation than either the Conservatives or the NDPs. Ryan Hastman has essentially admitted defeat, and Linda Duncan has done little more than tokenistic efforts within Parliament. While I believe Ms. Duncan’s intentions are well placed, they have done little to advance the interests of the Edmonton-Strathcona constituents. During the all candidates forum on Tuesday, Ms. Duncan stated that her party’s efforts consisted of tabling legislation, and advocating only once in the House of Commons for Edmonton’s Expo bid. I believe that tabling legislation that has a high likelihood of failure is an exercise of tokenism. I would prefer to speak about my own ideas rather than the inadequacies of the other candidates, however several people on the message board have made it necessary to assert my differences from both Ms.
      Duncan and Mr. Hastman.

      Alberta’s economy is driven by oil and natural gas production, which provides a high standard of living for all Albertans. I support the sustainable development, and expansion of this vital sector of Canada’s economy. Should it be conducted in a more environmentally sound matter? Certainly. But it is essential to realize that continued growth with environmentally friendly measures within these industries is vital to
      Alberta’s prosperity.

      I value post-secondary education and its importance within the Edmonton-Strathcona area. As a Journeyman refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic, as well as a 3rd year political science student at the University of Alberta, I advocate for more affordable access to post-secondary education by channeling more fundingdirectly to students.

      I appreciate feedback and hope to be hearing from more Edmonton-Strathcona constituents.


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        With two days left before the election, I want anyone in Edmonton-Strathcona, and Edmonton as a whole to consider your options. For years now, Edmonton has been represented by backbench MPs who fail to adequately represent their constituency. They go to Ottawa and are told how to vote by their party elites. While there is a duality in a MP's duty between representing local interests and considering national concerns, the role of the former has significantly diminished in Edmonton.

        The most recent example of this lack of representation is Edmonton's Expo bid. No MP in Edmonton made a serious effort to land this bid. As the Conservatives knew that spending money in Alberta's capital would not produce any political gains, local Conservative MPs were barred from supporting the bid that would have seen over $2 billion invested in Edmonton.

        At the university forum two weeks ago, I asked Linda Duncan what she did to support Edmonton's expo bid. She replied that she stood up once in the House of Commons. For billions of dollars invested in Edmonton-Strathcona and neighbouring ridings, standing up once in the house of commons is not good enough. A strong representative would have created public awareness of this issue. They would have gone to neighbouring ridings and asked the constituents if they were content with their representatives failing to support the bid. Instead, no Member of Parliament in Edmonton represented the needs of the city. While this is just one example, it represents a continual pattern of weak representation.

        As an Independent MP, the only people I'm accountable to are the constituents. I'm socially progressive, and fiscally responsible.

        I'm focussing on two issues this election campaign.

        Firstly, the sustainable development of the oil and natural gas industries. While I believe the oil and natural gas industries are the backbone of Alberta's economy and should be expanded, I believe they can be expanded in a more sustainable fashion. For example, future development must pay more attention to water preservation and land reclamation. Its saddening to hear the NDP talk about halting the oil sands. Firstly, it's a completely unrealistic "solution" that would never happen. Secondly, it polarizes and sensationalizes the issue so that it's impossible to have an intelligent discussion on possible environmental solutions.

        The second issue I am emphasizing this campaign is increasing accessibility to post-secondary through affordability. Instead of increasing transfers from the federal government to the provincial government as the NDP and Conservatives support, I believe that the federal government should provide grants to students who complete their post-secondary degree (diploma/degree/ticket).

        Please visit to view my full platform. Or simply ask me a question:

        Facebook: Vote Murphy 2011
        Twitter: @votemurphy2011
        email: [email protected]

        Thanks for your time.