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  • Candidate Darryl Lagerquist

    I would like to thank C2E for the invitation to participate in the 2010 Civic Election Forum.

    I am very excited to be running for Trustee in Ward B and hope to bring about positive change at EPSB. Please check out my website at to view my vision for EPSB and the broader community as well as my priorities if elected.

    Please contact me anytime!

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    Hello, Darryl, and thank you for participating in these forums.

    Would you explain further your vision for a student trustee system? — My story podcast. Take a listen!


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      Student Trustee Program

      If elected, I will introduce a motion this fall to have administration look into creating a student trustee program in Edmonton similar to Ontario (

      High school students in Edmonton would run in an election within their schools for 2 seats on the Board of Trustees. The student trustees would be able to vote on motions and have input into the decisions made about their education in Edmonton.

      I beleive this is an excellent opportunity to engage students to be part their education development as well as provide them with first hand experience of our democratic process.


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        What is your views on all year schooling.

        How do you feel about the amount of homework students have to take home.

        What are your views on the School Boards closing inner city schools when the City Of Edmonton is trying to populate these areas with families.
        Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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          Just leaned I misread the map of this public school ward: I'm not part of it. Regardless, thank you for responding to my question, Darryl. Best of luck.
 — My story podcast. Take a listen!