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  • Candidate Rami Bader

    This thread is to ask questions of Candidate Rami Bader – Councillor Ward 9.

    All members are asked to allow the Candidate to post first in his or her thread. This is to allow the Candidate ample opportunity to introduce their background, platform, and any other information they may feel is pertinent to this discussion.

    All decorum expected of members in the C2E Ask Forums will be expected here. An addendum is that posters may ask as many questions as they wish, but they are also politely asked to follow any instructions on posting or reply timelines that the Candidate expresses.

    Thank you to all for participating in the 2010 Connect2Edmonton Election Forum!

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    It's pretty empty in here!

    Mr. Bader, you've cited construction cost overruns as one of the major campaign issues on your website. Exactly what do you plan to do to mitigate these? I sincerely appreciate your sentiment: I'm tired of significant property tax increases every year as well, and I'm sure that the $180 million plus overrun on the 23rd avenue overpass project contributed to the 4.9% increase this year.

    I look forward to your response.



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      Costs and Taxes

      Dear RP,

      Let me begin by correcting a mistake that I made on my website. The overpriced 23rd Avenue project was not $180 million. It is my mistake and I apologize for it. It was $186 million!!!

      To your question - I can't recover the costs. I can offer a much better decision making process on issues like this. Please know that when the project first came to the table the city did not have enough money for it. Many people, common "fools" as well as expert (like Allan Warrack, a University of Alberta business professor emeritus), talked about the rising costs of construction and the logic of borrowing the money to pay for it. If they would have done that, with the interest paid on this loan we would have paid $100 million LESS on this project. Let me repeat it in case it didn't hit home: One Hundred Million Dollars. I will not get into cheap propaganda as to what we could have done with this money, but that was the cost. It was done because no one in city hall had the courage or the energy to push it ahead. Hesitation, personal agendas and thoughts of elections were more important. LACK of decision making skill, passion and energy by satisfied politicians caused this disaster.

      I suggest better processes, better decision making, better research and listening to experts.

      As to the tax issue, I have some bad news. The chances that someone in this city will approve a reduction of property taxes are slim to none. Do not wait for it to happen because everything you hear is no more than empty campaign promises. But what I can assure you is that I want to suggest and promote a new bylaw, revolutionary as it sounds, that requires the City Council to CHECK with the people that sent them to office: what do WE think. I suggest that it takes place in the form of a referendum whenever the city will try to increase the taxes above a certain level (based on the inflation rate plus the real increase) and the people would be able to approve or disapprove of paying for whatever the council wants to do with the money.

      I hope this clarifies my stance on these issues,

      Rami Bader


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        Thank you in advance for your time and effort on addressing one more important subject - The Arts:
        • Please articulate your position on the Arts and how that relates to future support of the Arts, if elected.
        • Have you read The Art of Living 2008 -2018, as outlined from the Edmonton Arts Council? Do you see this as an important vision for Edmonton and how would you support this vision?
        Thank you again.
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        Edmonton is a diverse landscape of business and culture in a beautiful rivervalley setting


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          Thank you for posing this question. Art has been a passion of mine since childhood and the only regret I have is that I am not personally a very artistic person... I think that Edmonton stands above other cities in Canada as to promoting the Arts but unfortunately, to my personal taste, not enough. I would love to see not only more support for local artists, but more international exposure for our city. I would like to see museums stay open late to allow people to take their families after normal working hours, expand their education programs, and increase the variety of available exhibitions, both permanent and traveling.

          I did read The Art of Living and I must admit that, although as a candidate I should indicate what things are wrong in the city, I simply appreciate this plan and, if elected, will do anything I can to ensure that the vision will become a practical plan(s) and that the city will keep the art community as one of the MOST important items for the future. It is the culture, education and spirit that eventually separates us from the rest, and if I had a magic wand, I would prefer to see Edmonton as the heart and leader of Art and Culture rather only the Oil and Gas industry, but I do not believe that it has to be an either/or situation. They can coexist to benefit and enrich the entire city and its residents.

          I hope that I have been clear about my views in this area. If not, please let me know.


          Rami Bader


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            Thank you Mr. Bader!
            Edmonton is a diverse landscape of business and culture in a beautiful rivervalley setting


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              The Alberta Aviation Museum Association, in 2006 a small community museum now the 3rd largest aviation collection in Canada, is a feature tourism attraction in North Edmonton currently serves (5) veterans organizations, (3) Heritage organizations, (2) Youth organizations as well as a series of (6) modern aviation volunteer organizations such as the Civil Air Search And Rescue Association. The Museum also has the most advanced K-12 aviation education programming and is currently an operationally self sufficient not for profit operation that receives no operational funding from any level of government.

              This is a facility that currently receives over 150,000 individual uses per year and attracts visitors from around the world.

              What do you, as a candidate commit to specifically doing to insure the ongoing success and expansion of the Alberta Aviation Museum with the closure of the City Centre Airport and the damage it will cause to the facility?

              I have been directed to ask on behalf of the boards of this facility.

              Thomas Hinderks
              Executive Director
              Alberta Aviation Museum