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    Well, I guess I got my butt kicked. With the polls coming in I'm at about 10% of Caterina.

    It's embarrassing and somewhat humiliating, after all the effort I put into it. I'm just slightly above Pullishy, who was invisible.

    And yet my policies, statements, and ideas were important, mooched by others, and led to damage control by many in power.
    Now with the old guard back in, I suppose they will whither and die on the vine.

    I didn't connect with the typical voter, who still appears to be retired people. They didn't know me, and usually vote safe. It takes a lot of work to get through to them, and I didn't get it done. They aren't web savvy, and I wasn't in the papers, and when I was the articles were taking little digs at me.
    As I look at this forum there is rarely a correlation between web popularity and votes. Even so my results are below par. If other candidates did worse than me I feel sorry for them. But, all together we raised the turnout to 41%. That's something I guess.

    Tony ran a clean campaign, had the benefit of being incumbent, and dumb luck, with other candidates fighting amongst themselves for 2nd place. Better the devil you know....

    Meanwhile the 'media darling' did dirty tricks, grabbed platforms from others, and chased votes any way possible, because he says Tony C wasn't nice. So long Pumpkinhead, I'm glad you lost. You gave up everything and got nothing. And spent way more than me.

    And just to round it out, I don't think Van Alstine will ever win in this ward. It's too blue collar.

    I want to thank those who helped me and those who had the faith to vote for me. I'm sorry I didn't do more for you. I hate failing. TerryRolls


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      Mr. Rolls, I do not know you but you've touched me this morning. I've lost a few City Council election campaigns in my life and it's a pretty awful feeling the next day but please know that you have nothing to be humiliated about or embarrassed by. You did your best. If you know that, then keep your head high, lick your wounds, go take your signs down and find a way to channel your energy that will do some good in our communities. I know you are quite passionate about community leagues. Why don't you give yours another chance. All of the leagues are run by volunteers and I'm sure they could find a place to use your skills and your energy. If that's not up your alley, try the Bigs, they always need good people to help (Big Brothers/Big Sisters) and there is always another youth in our city that could benefit from someone who cares about them, even if it is just for an hour a week.

      Thank you for putting it on the line for all of us, Mr. Rolls. No, you didn't get my vote but that doesn't mean that I don't value your efforts. I do and I know that there are many others who do, too. It is appreciated. Take care.
      Play nice.


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        Thanks for your kind words. I think about 40 candidates could profit by them as well.

        My signs were collected first thing Tuesday morning. I won that race anyway. About 72 are missing, presumed dead.

        It was an interesting month. I woke up early every day and felt involved in something useful and important. I could read on this forum that others felt that way as well. I'm having withdrawal symptoms now and the immediate future seems so hum-drum.

        I have a hard time understanding the voters. It seems they see the people who have the job as the 'boss' and just show support for them. At the Mayors forum, Mandel was blasted by all, while people cheered. And yet he got back in easily. The people on the web, the people at forums, and the people that vote are three different groups.
        I called this a job application. It really does seem to be one. You wait until 'the boss' retires and the one who has run most often gets the position. That's how Caterina got in, and most others.
        But it seems to be missing the point of democracy.
        Voter turnout went up from 27% to 34.3%. Not much to brag about. And nothing changed, except for a few new faces. Good luck to them. But next time people will say 'what's the point?'

        My campaign had several problems. Posters were late and pricey. Flyer delivery was spotty, and my message had a dull edge. And I was a public unknown. Don't be an unknown. Be a media darling.

        I guess I'll be doing something. I'm resilient if nothing else. I have no idea right now what that will be. But as another Austrian says;

        I'll Be Back.