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  • Candidate Lee Permann

    This thread is to ask questions of Candidate Lee Permann – Councillor Ward 6.

    All members are asked to allow the Candidate to post first in his or her thread. This is to allow the Candidate ample opportunity to introduce their background, platform, and any other information they may feel is pertinent to this discussion.

    All decorum expected of members in the C2E Ask Forums will be expected here. An addendum is that posters may ask as many questions as they wish, but they are also politely asked to follow any instructions on posting or reply timelines that the Candidate expresses.

    Thank you to all for participating in the 2010 Connect2Edmonton Election Forum!

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    i would like to thank those of you who visit my site and all questions will be amswered as quickly as possible and honestly. On Friday September the 24 i will be supporting nd participating in TAKE BACK THE NIGHT a march and rally addressing violence against woman. The rally will be from 6:30-8:30 at the Alberta Community
    League 9210-118 ave. Please come by and support this worthy cause.

    thank you
    Lee Permann
    candidate for city council ward 6
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      Hi Lee,

      Thank you for coming to C2E. I am in Ward 6, and will be voting in this election. I've noticed that you did not post your website, or provide a platform. Can you provide this to the c2e membership?

      Also, if elected, what will you be doing to make our ward the best place in Edmonton? How will tackle some of the larger issue that our ward. Our ward has some pretty serious issues that are either not present, or not much of an issue in other wards. Items such as noise, homelessness, the growing club problem, and the ensuing party on Jasper avenue that just seems to be getting worse.

      Thoughts on LRT for Oliver and downtown?
      New Arena?

      What is your top 10 issues you'd like to see addressed if elected?
      A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.


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        Hi Lee,

        Do you have a website or e-mail address?


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          Sorry I do not have a web page or face book


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            how do we find out more about you or your platform?
            A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.


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              Sorry i havent responded sooner.

              Here is my platform and answers to your questions.

              To make ward 6 a better place to live for eveyone we need city council to look at creating social housing and support programs for the homeless in other areas and wards. Having the homeless people concentrated in one area is counter productive to their recovery and puts a huge strain on the poorer neighbour hoods in ward 6.
              We need city council to work with developers on creating infill projects for multy family housing i do mean work with them not just give the developer what ever he wants.
              One of the other issuses we need to adress is housing for seniors as the population in ward 6 and the city as a whole ages we need to again work with property develpoers on a plan to create housing that could include multy family, seniors and assisted living in the same complex.
              The has to start to increase the amount of capital money it spends in ward 6 to fix its crumbling infastructure, ie. aging sidewalks, roads, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, empty lots being used as dumping grounds.

              As far as the noise question i have a 20 yr old duaghter and a 17yr old son so i assume you must be a neighbour.

              i do not support the current noise by-law as it is directed to one group bikers. I ride a harley and with stock exhaust i can not pass. I also don't subscribe to the notion loud pipes save lives. For me to supportit it would have to include all vehicles weither it is exhuast noise, stereo noise if it registers abouve the limit give them a ticket or no one gets a ticket.
              The proposal to limit emergency vehicle siren usage to certain hours is a proposal i will not support under any circumstance.

              The problem with the partying and fighting on Jasper ave can be addressed by not issueing any more licences for night clubs we need more of a pub feel with patios open air venues. The night clubs that continue to be a problem should not get 6or 7 warnings a fine for a first time problem followed by 10 closure notice to a revocation of thier business license would make them be more responsible for thier clients. The notion of allowing thenm to stay open till 4 am will relieve some of the problem is wrong it will make it worse.

              Oliver does not need a LRT station due to it's close proximity to downtown.

              The ECCA is a issue that has been debated for the last 20yrs and will be debated for the next 20yrs no matter what happens thier are still some questions concerning the currebt court case, and what happens to the land leased from CN. I do agree it is a greatly under utilized peice of propery.

              I support a downtown arena along as no more than 25% of the arena cost comes from tax payers.

              Top issues:
              Senior housing
              No more social housing for the homeless in ward 6
              Dramatic increase in spending on infastructure for ward 6
              Having a transparent city council that does not caiter to big business or special interst groups
              Have a city council that will follow through on its decsions in a timely manner.
              More input from the citizens on major projects

              i realize i can not change city policies by myself but with the cooperation of city council we can adress the concerns of ward 6 and the citizens of Edmonton

              I will be the voice of ward 6 i will make sure city council knows our issues and concerns and i will work with council developers and social agencies to improve ward 6 without catering to them or members of city council who may have private agendas or links to big business or special intrerest groups.

              Thank you for your questions and support.


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                Municipal Airport

                What is your position on this Lee?


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                  City Centre Airport

                  I feel it is a hugely under used piece of property and should be shut down and redeveloped. It could be used for high density housing incorporating social housing for seniors and assisted living moderate income families or build the new arena on the site lots of parking LRT will be expanded to the area. But i feel it shoulod be closed.


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                    What are your feelings about the Capital Region Board? Is there enough being done here, or do we need to further look towards a better way to coordinate our regional land use framework?

                    A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.


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                      The Alberta Aviation Museum Association, in 2006 a small community museum now the 3rd largest aviation collection in Canada, is a feature tourism attraction in North Edmonton currently serves (5) veterans organizations, (3) Heritage organizations, (2) Youth organizations as well as a series of (6) modern aviation volunteer organizations such as the Civil Air Search And Rescue Association. The Museum also has the most advanced K-12 aviation education programming and is currently an operationally self sufficient not for profit operation that receives no operational funding from any level of government.

                      This is a facility that currently receives over 150,000 individual uses per year and attracts visitors from around the world.

                      What do you, as a candidate commit to specifically doing to insure the ongoing success and expansion of the Alberta Aviation Museum with the closure of the City Centre Airport and the damage it will cause to the facility?

                      I have been directed to ask on behalf of the boards of this facility.

                      Thomas Hinderks
                      Executive Director
                      Alberta Aviation Museum