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    This thread is to ask questions of Candidate Scott Robb – Councillor Ward 4.

    All members are asked to allow the Candidate to post first in his or her thread. This is to allow the Candidate ample opportunity to introduce their background, platform, and any other information they may feel is pertinent to this discussion.

    All decorum expected of members in the C2E Ask Forums will be expected here. An addendum is that posters may ask as many questions as they wish, but they are also politely asked to follow any instructions on posting or reply timelines that the Candidate expresses.

    Thank you to all for participating in the 2010 Connect2Edmonton Election Forum!

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    As reported in a September 23, 2010 article in the Edmonton Journal (and subsequently picked
    up by the wire services), I indicated that I had a non-conventional religious belief system.

    I understood that making these beliefs public would be extremely controversial. However, this
    was done in the hopes of stimulating discussions of this election as a whole.

    Specifically, my interests are for the constituents of Ward 4 this was an attempt to combat
    voter apathy in municipal elections.

    I am a firm believer in democracy and wish to engage more voters than the 23.47% of eligible
    voters who voted in this ward (formally known as ward 3), in the 2007 election.

    I strongly believe that one’s religious beliefs should never be used as an indicator as to
    their ability to do their job. As I have stated numerous times, I am a firm believer in the
    separation of church and state.

    I applaud the media for their background research, but I would like to return to my campaign
    and will no longer field any interviews or questions related to any religious beliefs.


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      You said in one of your You Tube videos that, when it comes to reducing crime, you think the solution is to get "the community more involved". I agree with that, as far as it goes, but it seems a little vague to me. What sort of programs or initiatives do you have in mind?


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        Before I can answer that I would have to meet with police and community leaders to work out the appropriate initiatives needed in each part of the city. I believe that different areas of the city have different types of crime and each require different initiatives. Also, I would have to find out what, if anything, has been done this far in order to see what doesn't work and what may work.

        In the mean time, I suggest people get to know their neigbours and look out for each other and each others property.


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          Your answer above seems to be putting the cart before the horse. When do you expect to meet with police and community leaders? Do you have any ideas specific to ward 4?
          "A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines." - Frank Lloyd Wright


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            After the election when we have committee meetings with EPS, etc. Until then it is unlikely that I could get the necessary information from meeting with police or community leaders...

            Specifically in ward 4, I know that there are problems with drug use/dealing and gang activity. With the drug use/dealing I would suggest that more communities follow the examples of other areas in reporting suspected drug houses as well, when residents in our communities see crimes out their windows they should be more inclined to call police, try to watch the suspects from a safe place, and inform police of direction of travel and descriptions if they leave the area.


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              ^So, how do you propose to get elected if you can't expand on points of your platform such as this until after the election?
              "A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines." - Frank Lloyd Wright


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                Because I have enough integrity to not lie to the people by promising to do something that either can not be done or was already thought ofand didn't work...

                Promises most politicians make during an election are not always followed through with, hence being called "political promises"! Often after being elected the elected politician receives information not known when he or she made the promise making the promise impossible or unlikely to carry out...

                Again, I have honesty and integrity and will not make "political promises"!


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                  In fairness, I've been watching some of the incumbents' videos, and they're not much more detailed than Robb.

                  Linda Sloan said we must look at the "social apsects" of crime, and mentioned that the Alberta Municipalities Association has a forthcoming study on this. Which will benefit Edmonton.

                  Tony Caterina said the police should be well-funded(has anyone argued they should be underfunded?), and then went on a tangent about how bad graffiti is.


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                    "Experienced" politicians often dodge questions... Your mentioning those other candidates look to me like attempts to dodge questions...

                    I hope I don't appear that way, if so please reword your question, thank you


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                      Originally posted by ScottRobb View Post
                      "Experienced" politicians often dodge questions... Your mentioning those other candidates look to me like attempts to dodge questions...

                      I hope I don't appear that way, if so please reword your question, thank you
                      Well, I wasn't actually asking a question in my last post.

                      Anyway, my post was in the context of JOA saying that you weren't expanding on your platform. My point was that, even if your comments were somewhat "unexpanded", they were no more unexpanded than the comments being made by the candidates I quoted.

                      So you could take that as a defense of your position, actually. I'm saying that you, an unkown dark horse candidate with relatively little political experience, are offering solutions which are at least as substantial as those being offered by incumbent aldermen with nine years of experience between them. (Of course, I don't know if Sloan or Caterina have made more detailed statements elsewhere.)


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                        The Alberta Aviation Museum Association, in 2006 a small community museum now the 3rd largest aviation collection in Canada, is a feature tourism attraction in North Edmonton currently serves (5) veterans organizations, (3) Heritage organizations, (2) Youth organizations as well as a series of (6) modern aviation volunteer organizations such as the Civil Air Search And Rescue Association. The Museum also has the most advanced K-12 aviation education programming and is currently an operationally self sufficient not for profit operation that receives no operational funding from any level of government.

                        This is a facility that currently receives over 150,000 individual uses per year and attracts visitors from around the world.

                        What do you, as a candidate commit to specifically doing to insure the ongoing success and expansion of the Alberta Aviation Museum with the closure of the City Centre Airport and the damage it will cause to the facility?

                        I have been directed to ask on behalf of the boards of this facility.

                        Thomas Hinderks
                        Executive Director
                        Alberta Aviation Museum