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    Roxie, I think the problem is that you're looking at one issue and claiming that by city council not going ahead with a plebiscite vote, it then means that they don't represent anyone. That's completely ignoring every other issue that council dealt with over the past 3 years. As you, and everyone else can agree, there's a lot more to this city than the airport, just as there's a lot more to this election than the airport.

    By playing the Envision Edmonton "democracy" card, you weaken any other point you're trying to make during the election run because it's such an absurd comment to make. It also demonstrates a lack of knowledge regarding how politics work; we elect people we believe will represent our best interests, and rely on them to carry this out for their term. That's representative democracy, which is the system we have here.

    As for the numbers of people that wanted the airport closed, that will never be known. I can tell you that I emailed one of my councillors and the mayor with my thoughts on the issue. I'm sure many others let their opinion be known as well (for and against), so you also can't claim that they were ignoring the people they represent. Just because there wasn't a piece of paper to sign doesn't mean pro-closure voices weren't heard.

    And I apologize for claiming that's the only thing you said last night. Yes, you had other points, however you kept coming back to the airport and the lack of democracy argument, and that's what I took away from the event. I give you a lot of credit for continuing to answer questions in what is obviously a hostile forum.
    They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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      Originally posted by Roxie Malone-Richards View Post
      ... I will not be answering questions that are surrounded by derogatory, negative or presumptuous editorial comments. If you have a succinct question without the ignorant comments, I will be happy to answer it.
      Roxie--I asked you several questions on Sept 24. Will you be able to respond to them?

      As a piece of advice, if you get elected, I hope you realize that you will always be surrounded by derogatory, negative and presumptuous remarks, and ignorant comments and maybe someone will even accuse you of doing something illegal. That's the nature of politics so you better get used to it now.


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        One other quick question (unrelated to the actual vote). During the forum you mentioned that you took a course and gained the ability to write parking tickets for people parked in handicap spaces. Can you provide more information on that course, what it was called, and what tickets it allows you to write?
        They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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          Originally posted by Roxie Malone-Richards View Post
          Dear Ander;
          I have not been approached nor would I "bow out" to increase the chances of a pro-airport candidate getting in. While the other two pro airport candidates are focused on the closing, I am more focused on the democracy aspect of the decision to close the airport. For me, this race is every man/woman for him or herself. Thank you for your question.

          And to grish; Do you really believe that two of your oponents routinely steal your platform? I didn't say "routinely" did I? At last nights forum, both Don and Tom jumped on my platform bandwagon, with statements that are directly from my brochure, statements that incidentally, neither had previously mentioned in any manner, until last night. At one point I actually thought there was an echo in the room as one candidate consistently repeated my platform almost word for word. Coincidence? I think not. Perhaps if they were more secure in their own positions and platforms, they wouldn't have to steal from others.

          Thank you for your question.
          roxie, perhaps if you were prepared to actually engage and discuss with others you might be less inclined to claim "ownership" of ideas and language. you might learn that much is shared and recognize that's what democracy really relies on.

          while tom i don't agree on what is currently the elephant in the room (and neither do you and i) neither of us is foolish to think that we "own" our respective positions or our respective sound bites for that matter.

          outside the elephant, there is much that tom and i could manage to agree on and one would think that would be what you should be looking for rather than bemoaning the theft of "your" platform ideas and language.

          unfortunately, until the elephant is finally addressed and finally put to bed, we will all be forced to tip toe around in hard hats and steel toed boots watching people who should be able to agree sniping at each other instead of moving forward on common ground rather than complaining about commong ground.

          in the meantime, we look forward to your responses to some of the still outstanding questions here. something others have been doing for years in developing and refining their platforms.
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