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  • Candidate Don Koziak

    This thread is to ask questions of Candidate Don Koziak - Councillor Ward 2.

    All members are asked to allow the Candidate to post first in his or her thread. This is to allow the Candidate ample opportunity to introduce their background, platform, and any other information they may feel is pertinent to this discussion.

    All decorum expected of members in the C2E Ask Forums will be expected here. An addendum is that posters may ask as many questions as they wish, but they are also politely asked to follow any instructions on posting or reply timelines that the Candidate expresses.

    Thank you to all for participating in the 2010 Connect2Edmonton Election Forum!

    I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.

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    Mr. Koziak

    I'm curious why no one else is asking all candidates the same questions. I went to a candidates forum in 2007 and heard you speak and gave you my vote then. Tell me why I should do the same now?

    FWIW I liked your answer on CTV about taxes. I didn't feel any of the other candidates really answered that one well except for yourself.


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      Oh, I'm also confused. Your web site says you announced your candidacy for mayor and changed to Ward 2 - what did you base that decision on?