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    Mr. Mandel,

    As a home owner in Edmonton, I just have one question to ask, why is our property tax increases every year? You've been Mayor since 2004, what is your plan to balance the spending. It is always easy to increase the property tax to offset unnecessary spending/waste (such as gave a big fat raise to yourself and all the member of council). Please respond what is your plan to control spending and not increasing property tax.


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      The Alberta Aviation Museum Association, in 2006 a small community museum now the 3rd largest aviation collection in Canada, is a feature tourism attraction in North Edmonton currently serves (5) veterans organizations, (3) Heritage organizations, (2) Youth organizations as well as a series of (6) modern aviation volunteer organizations such as the Civil Air Search And Rescue Association. The Museum also has the most advanced K-12 aviation education programming and is currently an operationally self sufficient not for profit operation that receives no operational funding from any level of government.

      This is a facility that currently receives over 150,000 individual uses per year and attracts visitors from around the world.

      What do you, as a candidate commit to specifically doing to insure the ongoing success and expansion of the Alberta Aviation Museum with the closure of the City Centre Airport and the damage it will cause to the facility?

      I have been directed to ask on behalf of the boards of this facility.

      Thomas Hinderks
      Executive Director
      Alberta Aviation Museum