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Photo radar shadowing campaign.


  • Photo radar shadowing campaign. Cash Cow Extravaganza

    A local group has started a campaign to highlight what they feel is an unjust and inappropriate method of raising funds via photo radar.

    Details from their facebook page

    Let's get it started. Let's get enough people to stop this cash cow photo radar operation in the entire city for at least 1 day. That means every photo radar vehicle having 2-3 people behind it with a sign.

    What do you think?

    This article was posted to generate discussion and does not imply support for or condemnation of any action in their campaign on the part of Connect2Edmonton.

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      Speeding kills your pocket book - great video from BC about how this has nothing to do with safety:

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      Photo Radar

      Originally posted by Marcel Petrin
      Recently I was on a road trip on BC's coast and Vancouver Island, and I was shocked how much higher speed limits were there, both on rural highways and urban roads. For example, there are numerous roads right in Nanaimo that are little different from 170th street, with 80 km/h speed limits. In my opinion, most of the photo radar enforcement in Edmonton is not targeted at locations where there are high accident rates. They are targeted at areas where they will generate the most revenue.
      My concerns are that photo radar has not gone beyond its intended role of enforcing traffic safety and not act as a cash cow for municipalities, and we all have seen income to the city increase significantly.
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