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A THANK YOU from Connect2Edmonton


  • A THANK YOU from Connect2Edmonton

    Hello members!

    I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who donated to the Go Fund Me campaign organized by Chris. (chrisvazquez7). I can’t thank everybody by name as there are several anonymous donations, but there are also many users I recognize.

    I’m very humbled by the response like I said before. To be frank, the only written feedback I received to date was that the site was not worth anybody’s time. Thank you very much for showing myself [and many others] that the site is actually worthwhile. Seeing that some of the donations come through was heartwarming.

    If you would like to view the campaign, it is still up at Do me a favour, and reach out and say thank you to the members you recognize. Also, feel free to say thanks to those who donated by posting later in this article.

    I found it fitting that this would be the first article we posted on the new Connect2Edmonton headline page.

    My best wishes to everyone, and now let’s make this site the envy of every city in Canada.


    • Frank Rizza
      Frank Rizza commented
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      Originally posted by chrisvazquez7
      I would also like to thank everyone for their donations. When I first started the fundraiser, I didn't expect it to even reach $1,000. Well, I woke up the next morning to see it already past that goal by quite a bit. It shows how much people appreciate this forum. I am so glad people stepped up with their money and kept this site open. It is such a fantastic resource, and it's great to have it continue. Here's to the next 10 years! Thanks everyone!
      I am also very grateful to all who donated. I spend more time on this site than any other site by a large margin. I didn't even quite realize it until the site wasn't there anymore. I don't post too much and I do get annoyed at some, but the information is excellent and getting a general feel for what others think is great too. This is the only form of social media that I utilize so its nice to get that connection back.

    • Gizmo
      Gizmo commented
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      I didn't know this site was back up until today!
      Was just curious and decided to see if there was news on this being back up, as the last time I was on here it was going offline, and lo and behold it's back!
      I love this site to get info or just to read about Edmonton (the good and the bad).
      Great job and will continue supporting this site

    • KC
      KC commented
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      Forward links to it to all your friends.

      Input. We need more input.
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