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Thread: Edmonton BRT

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    Had anyone tried the new Calgary Max lines to see how they were like?

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    I'd rather see a fairly straightforward LRT extension along 23 ave. Metro line from Century Park to Leger. It would cut down on the long bus runs to South Campus some routes make in this area. Also about the only way Riverbend/Terwillager will get LRT.

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    Agreed. Also, Edmonton Transit should consider an extension east along 23 Avenue to the Mill Woods LRT.
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    there's nothing straight forward about LRT along 23rd avenue, especially getting across the whitemud/blackmud ravine.

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    No worse than some other projects. The south extension is going to have to clear the Henday at an angle. Long bridge needed. Same with the Metro line over the CN yards. Valley line has a long span from Argyle to past Wagner and a crossing of the Whitemud. Valley West needs to cross Groat. Compared to those, the creek would be a drop in the bucket.

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    Not really actually, and for very little benefit.

    Crossing the creek is the easy part. Getting down and back up again... that's the issue. I doubt anyone would care to budget or see a top of bank to top of bank LRT bridge. The ravine is much steeper in these parts that any of the other comparable you mentioned.

    BRT is what's needed in these parts...
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    I've driven that hundreds of times. A solution can be found. It's not like it's a steep gorge.

    And it's not like BRT would be a solution. You'd either need buses to run, much like they are now or have people transfer to BRT at Leger and then again at Century Park. If people in that area could get on the LRT in their own neighbourhood and gran a train to Southgate, the University, downtown, the arena or, with a transfer, Commonwealth, people would ride it. Not so if you ask them to transfer twice just to get on the train.
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    you dont need to transfer twice. Buses go from Terwillegar/Riverbend straight to LRT. I live in this area. Use transit regularly. Also very acutely aware of the large steep ravine.

    LRT is the spine of the network, not a local feeder route.

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    I was responding to ePRT's comment that the route needed BRT. Unless you're going to run BRT along all those twist, turny routes in the area, BRT would require two transfers. What there is now are lots of buses making long runs to the LRT, Century Park or South Campus. Much better to keep most of the routes in Riverbend/Terwillager as locals and transfer to the LRT or crosstown routes at Leger.

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    Looking at ETS plans for 2020 fixes most of the weird routing issues in the SW and removes any need for 'BRT', as there will be several (more) routes running 23rd avenue which will give it express like service.

    BRT is a good starter to future LRT routes.

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