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Thread: What is addiction and can it be successfully treated?

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    Default What is addiction and can it be successfully treated?

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    What is addiction and can it be successfully treated?

    What is addiction and can it be successfully treated? - BBC


    “Genes are clearly not the whole story, so we turn to psychologists. They can explain addiction in terms of things like attention, triggers, memory and habit, and have devised increasingly ingenious experiments to investigate these. However, experiments take place in labs which are very different from the real world.

    More and more, it is the social sciences that are moving our understanding forwards. Economists can link rates of addiction to supply and demand, and to economic boom and bust. Sociologists can track relationships with disadvantage and discrimination, and note how government policies that affect the environment are also linked to drug taking and rates of addiction.”


    Progress in addiction science, then, is tricky, but there are layers to the problem beyond the science which make it even more difficult.

    Society’s unhelpful attitudes to addiction are proving hard to shift. Addiction is thought of, by many, as a question of morality, character weakness or will power, despite evidence that it is none of these things. Governments will often take a criminal justice approach to addiction, punishing people for their problem, whereas the evidence shows that people are much more likely to get better if you treat their addiction as a health issue.

    Then there is the thorny issue of ...”

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    Definitely a mental health issue and an overall public health issue.

    Unfortunately the propensity for viewing it as a personal failing is also viewed through a racial filter in the US where blacks smoking cannabis has been used as a justification for criminal policies. It is ironic that the current opioid crisis in America has created sympathy for the plight of addicts versus negative attitudes long held against African American addicts.
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