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Thread: Bus Bird YEG - real time bus map

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    Default Bus Bird YEG - real time bus map

    Anyone use/view this?


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    That's pretty cool. Even includes the LRT although it uses the same bus icon.

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    Ye gods that's a terrible UX.

    I use Transit:

    Much more useful view of the transit open data for anyone actually taking transit.
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    I also use Transit App, but this map view is cool.

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    Neat! It even shows the micro-routes that use vans and have specific stops like the seniors' residence near me. I think there's a display bug that shows the 112 that runs on the same-ish route as the 2 as 211. Or something like that, while I was watching it changed to the 111. Looks like the 128 is plowing through residential blocks though.
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