Meet Lauren Hunter: Edmontonís unconventional, unintentional ambassador

Reading about a quirky radio host is the most Edmonton thing you can do

Lauren Hunter really, really loves Edmonton. You donít dress up as the Walterdale Bridge for Halloween unless youíre a superfan of the city.

Thatís just one of many high profile shenanigans Hunter (Radio and Television - Radio í13), a Sonic 102.9 radio personality, has been up to over the last couple of years that have captured the attention of her listeners and fellow Edmontonians. Most recently, sheís the brains behind an online petition to name a small building in a proposed downtown park the ďNathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion.Ē

The tongue-in-cheek campaign is in honour of Fillion, who was born and raised in Edmonton before hitting it big in Hollywood with shows such as Firefly, Castle and The Rookie. For Hunter, who was also born and raised in the City of Champions, the petition has been a great way to shine a light on the city and share some laughs, too. More than 9,800 have signed up in support and news of the campaign has made waves internationally.