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    Hey Richard, I think it is time to update the C2E skyline picture with one that is more current.

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    Lets wait until Encore completes the glazing portion unless we want a construction image in it. At least wait for Encore's height to top out first.
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    The impact Encore has on the skyline is very minimal, nobody will notice it within such a small image.
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    Any tower at Manulife's height going forward will have an impact in the immediate future. This tower is one office floor height shy of Manu and will be temporarily the 4th or 5th tallest structure in our city and will remain so in the CBD until another candidate has the shovel in the ground. It will have an impact to the south elevation as that spot is a visible filler
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    Yes, it will have an impact from a couple of vantage points but for the most, you will only see the very top of the tower.
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