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    History Matters: The baby in the Depression photograph | Saskatoon StarPhoenix

    “That’s when his parents, Abram and Elizabeth Fehr, and their seven children were stranded in Edmonton’s Market Square, barefoot, hungry and broke. A newspaper photographer for the Edmonton Journal snapped a picture of the impoverished family standing in front of their car and trailer. The photo would become one of the most enduring images of the Dirty Thirties.”

    Living at the Grierson Dump :: City of Edmonton

    The Grierson Dump Community

    “It was in this setting that a community of men developed at Grierson Dump. These men, some of whom moved in as early as 1930 came from a variety of backgrounds. Most were immigrants, both recent and not, though some were born in or around Edmonton. Though some residents had families living elsewhere, most were single men, save for a common-law wife in 1935 and two Métis families recorded as living there in 1937.

    Some were ...”

    “Pioneering Prepaid Care: The Hospitals Respond
    The doctors were not the only health care providers who failed to get paid during the 1930s. Canadian hospitals found that, as the number of paying patients declined, their revenues fell, but their costs increased as they continued to serve the indigent. In 1934, the Hotel Dieu and Kingston General hospitals in Ontario and the four Edmonton hospitals led by the Royal Alexandra and University of Alberta hospitals pioneered prepaid hospital insurance plans similar to the Blue Cross programs that had originated in the United States. These plans provided...” - History of Canadian Medicare - 1930-1939 - Pioneering Prepaid Care: The Hospitals Respond
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