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Thread: Revisiting the Capital City Downtown Plan

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    Default Revisiting the Capital City Downtown Plan

    Last published in 2010, it would be interesting to see just how many of the long-term plans (defined in the report as 5+ years) have come to fruition, not to mention the short-term goals.

    It's a hefty read but here it is:

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    See the excerpt below from the link above. (Not exactly sure how some of the items would be direct, expected consequences.)

    It’s very interesting though that such periodic “plans” seem to be quite the opposite of my experience planning and executing anything. Were there interim updates, continuances, etc to the 1997 plan? I would expect at least an annual rolling 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 year process of completions, updates, new projects and possibilities forever being presented.

    Building on the Successes of the 1997 Plan

    In the past 12 years, Edmonton‟s Downtown has undergone dramatic growth and has matured significantly. Led by the development of a variety of new residential and mixed use projects throughout the Downtown, the Downtown population has doubled. The retail and office sectors have grown, and with the relocation of post-secondary institutions Downtown, the burgeoning student population is helping Downtown become more and more vibrant and livable. This change was supported by a concurrent period of economic growth in the Province of Alberta.

    Much of the revitalization of Downtown was guided and supported by the award-winning 1997 Downtown Plan. Some specific achievements resulting from implementing the 1997 Plan include:

    By providing $4.5 million in grant monies for the first 1,000 units, the Downtown Housing Reinvestment Program sparked a major increase in residential construction, with over 4,000 units being built;

    A Downtown Edmonton Community League was established, with start-up funding and organizational support provided through the plan implementation program;

    Due to major growth in all sectors, the value of downtown real estate grew from $2.2 billion in 1997 to over $5 billion in 2009;

    The education sector experienced major expansion, with the Downtown now boasting over 30 education institutions, including a new University of Alberta satellite campus;

    The one way street system was converted to a two way system, providing for an improved pedestrian environment;

    Additional, convenient on-street parking was added within the Commercial Core in conjunction with the implementation of the two way street system;

    A Downtown Design Guidelines Manual was developed to provide specifics on the design requirements contained in the new downtown land use zones;

    104 Street Promenade was improved, resulting in a very successful mixed-use street and a new home for the Downtown Farmer‟s Market;

    Edmonton City Centre mall was retrofitted, providing for more active block faces, with several new storefront and café openings;

    Arts Habitat Association (ArtsHab) was established through the Plan Implementation Program, and they opened their first downtown artists‟ live/work housing project in 1999;

    A series of public art pieces was added to downtown streets through the Art and Design in Public Places program, a public/private sector partnership effort;

    Sir Winston Churchill Square was redeveloped and other major enhancements were made to the Arts District streets and open spaces;

    The development of Louise McKinney Riverfront Park was initiated - a landmark riverside park connecting the Downtown to the river;

    Access improvements for the disabled were made to a number of areas in the Downtown Core Pedway system;

    The vacant rail yards at the west end of the Downtown was converted to a mixed use urban neighbourhood;

    A multi-use corridor between the High Level Bridge and 104 Avenue was developed; and

    The 109 Street/104 Avenue “Rat Hole” underpass was eliminated, providing for an improved intersection at this key location.

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