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Thread: 2019 Edmonton Prospects season

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    Post 2019 Edmonton Prospects season

    Sure the regular season is still 3 months away but a cloud of uncertainty looms over the Club as the City has opted out of the 2020 season and seem determined to investigate all avenues before seriously looking at Patrick Cassidy's 25 year lease offer. At least that's what I surmise from Roger Jevne's response to my email:

    "We are currently finalizing our timelines for this process. We anticipate an information report going to the Community and Public Services Committee of Edmonton City Council in the spring with a Request for Submissions coming from our Real Estate Branch to follow."

    If you wish to read the full story ->

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    The CoE won't finish Blatchford for 25 years. WTF is is its problem with Re-Max.

    Usual disgusting, degrading response to private business by the CoE.
    ... gobsmacked


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