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Thread: Federal NDP - possible future for Alberta?

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    Default Federal NDP - possible future for Alberta?

    So the unexpected can and does happen. Could Canada and/or Alberta vote the NDP into power?

    If the Federal NDP did win, could that be advantageous to Alberta?

    i.e. their anti-carbon, pro-“green” energy platform would drive massive change so would they seek to make Alberta, Canada’s main green energy provider? What would they do to support Alberta to diversify or transform our economy?

    If our massive oil exports are essentially doomed to rapidly decline due to rapidly advancing technological changes, US oil sector growth, global warming, global protectionism, populism, etc then what is our plan B? Would it make sense for Albertans to support the NDP?

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    I've been a New Democrat supporter since the late 80s, including about a decade as a party member/activist. And I don't think the party will take power federally any time in the foreseeable future. Canadians aren't willing to go much further leftward than "moderate left", and the Liberals have had that market cornered for decades now.

    Even after the Orange Crush, I predicted to myself that the Liberals would rebound, and of course that's what happened.

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    Even compared to the Liberals, the Federal NDP is badly positioned in Alberta right now, especially on the key issue of pipelines and market access for our resources.

    Maybe the Federal NDP can hold Strathcona where they have nominated a strong candidate to replace Linda Duncan. Prospects in every other Alberta riding are dismal for the upcoming federal election.


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