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Thread: Millwoods rec center outdoor skating multiuse trails.

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    Default Millwoods rec center outdoor skating multiuse trails.

    I must commend the city on attempting increasing the health of highschool students/rec Center users by facilitating a long track speed skating track contiguous all the way from Millwoods road East through to MWTC all along the multiuse trail adjacent to the east direction lane of 28th avenue.

    It is unfortunate people were not made aware of this splendid facility that has been in place 3 weeks since the last ice storm and in which case nobody is observed bringing their skates. Nor is skate rental or skate sharpening shack seen on site.. This is a longer contiguous skating track than the one the city put on at Victoria park in recent years. This is an outdoor commuter skating facility that evokes Rideau Canal in ambition and scope..

    OK, that's all sarcastic. But the entire multiuse trail all of it, yesterday, and for weeks has been UNTREATED GLARE ICE. Almost perfect ice. Anybody getting a curling rock out there could probably have the stone slide for blocks. There is the slightest trace of sand in some spots(no gravel) but most of which has blown away. There is no evidence of the sidewalks receiving one drop of brine treatment or salt chips.

    This occurring in a busy use area containing a major rec center, two high schools, a Seniors residential facility and seniors high rise, a Bus Terminal, and a Mall where students commonly go to at lunchtime, and after school, as students do. This is the multiuse trail connecting these amenities to the outside world, and it is UNUSABLE. Anybody seen attempting to navigate the route is seen walking on the snow BORDERING the multiuse trail. No hazard signs communicating that the area is impassable are in place.

    I specifically have not notified the city (although I imagine they have received 100's of calls.) because I'm interested in how long this ice track is left undeterred while the city reminds people that they will be fined for not clearing their front sidewalks while this one mile track of pure perfect ice stretches unscathed. On City property.
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