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Thread: Highway to Fort McMurray #28A, 28 and #63

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    Default Highway to Fort McMurray #28A, 28 and #63

    So this thread can talk about any of the stretch of road from Edmonton to Fort McMurray but I wanted to ask a question about one of the main intersections closest to Edmonton. Has anyone heard of any talk or actual plans to change/improve the intersection on highway 15 and highway 28A? Every time I've gone up to Fort Mac the bus or truck I've been in has always taken that route going up north so I wonder why this area is still just a very simple intersection instead of an interchange and at least for a little while a divided highway, at least until the intersection at highway 37. Regardless of what some may think of Fort Mac and the Oil Sands one would think that this should section could be done to further improve movement and safety as one is leaving the Edmonton region northbound.
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