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Thread: Too few women in science

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    Default Too few women in science

    Interesting topic.

    On the CBC radio today it was mentioned that Wikipedia editors said Strickland wasn’t notable enough but a few months later she’s chosen for the Nobel Prize in physics.

    Apparently even students don’t rate female professors as highly as male professors. I find that strange because decades ago I never noticed any difference at all between ability and the sex of any of my teachers or professors. Never entered my mind that there would be a difference. Maybe because for me, from elementary school on some of the girls in my classes were top notch students in any and all subjects including math and science. Plus I had several educated, accomplished and barrier-breaking aunts.

    Anyway, it seems some of these sex based predudices have persisted for decades longer than anyone could have believed 40 or 50 years ago.

    Rare Nobel Prize win by a woman a 'stark reminder' of sexism in physics

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    The bigger problem is not that there are too few women in science, but that there is altogether too much science.

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    ^Too much science? It is expensive, but a lot of money is spent on things with a lot less value.

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    How does one conclude that prejudice is the reason there are "too few" women in science?

    Maybe most women just aren't inspired to work in science and don't actually want to invest their time into science careers?

    Just like how most men aren't inspired to work as veterinarians (80% women) or nurses (90-95% women). I don't see anyone complaining there are "too few" men in veterinary medicine and nursing because of "prejudice".

    Instead of focusing on this Nobel winner's accomplishments, the writer wrote up an article fabricating sexism. Politically-correct crap like this is why CBC is circling the drain.
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